2015 Golden Globes Red Carpet Best Dresses Competition

Let’s play a game, like Tina and Amy at this edition of the Golden Globes: let’s play a Red Carpet game of who’s best dressed! Oh, wait – wasn’t that already done before?

We’ll complicate things a bit, then: we’ll compare actresses who were wearing gowns from the same designer! And if possible, we’ll cross-examine those with the catwalk models showing those looks! That gets interesting, huh? And we’ll make it interactive too – you’ll be able to choose, comment and vote for your choices! Let’s roll that Red Carpet!

I’ll cheat and save you the scrolling trouble upfront by giving you my best dressed right now: Lupita Nyong’O and Emma Stone (surprised?). There was a lot of glamour, a lot of bridal whites, a lot of floor sweeping gowns and a lot of Versace at the 2015 Golden Globes, but these two definitely stood out for me!

Golden Globes 2015 Red Carpet best dressed

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New Year, New Celebrity Obsessions!

Stepping back from the gossip front lines has its perks. For one – your brain goes from the squishy stage to a blossoming one, when you discover you have so much free space you’ve been filling with crappy information and now it’s available for useful stuff!

And two – you get a wonderful, new perspective on all things gossip! Like this quick one I wanted to share with you, see who’s with me: people always obsess over the famous ones’ intimate lives! Whether they do it by trying to find out what they’re eating, drinking, putting on, befriending, where they’re going to the gym, where they’re going on vacation, who they’re sleeping with and that produces offsprings and so on! Latest: Beyonce pregnant (maybe), Kim Kardashian pregnant (possibly), Cameron Diaz married (definitely), Blake Lively gave birth (absolutely). (I could also include Megan Fox and Hayden Panettiere sharing pictures of their kids, but let’s leave the wee ones out of trouble. For now.)

happy new year 2015

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Frozen Wedding Style Inspiration

Happy New Year! Starting this New Year with something so different and so exciting for Stylefrizz: a Style Challenge! Giving the season, the fashion and the personal approach to this Wedding Styling opportunity, I went for a Frozen-like vision.

I’m a girly girl at heart and I have such a soft spot for ruffles and kiddies, I made that a significant part of this Frozen Wedding Style! And although it’s a perfect match for a Winter Wedding, I would definitely see it (with minor accessories tweaks) as a Summer Beach Wedding as well! I’ll show you what I thought of and you let me know what you think about my Frozen bridesmaids in the comments section, ok?

wedding style inspiration winter and summer

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DIY Christmas Wreaths From Scratch!

Merry Christmas Everyone! Wishing you a wonderful, peaceful, loveful Christmas, here’s what I thought I’d give you as a special gift: an exclusive DIY Christmas Wreath from scratch!

It’s what I’ve been doing for the past week and after I’ve crafted a handful for the family and the neighbors, I thought it’s time I collect them all in a single story, unique, from my DIY-loving heart! A quick guide on how to make your own wreaths, even more beautiful than a store-bought, a lovely project you can make with your kids, friends or neighbors and then brag about it. Like I did.

How to DIY Christmas Wreaths from scratch Stylefrizz

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Wearable Catwalk Fashion: Nili Lotan Pre Fall 2015

Your heart flutters, your wardrobe squeezes in delight, your wallet shivers with fear – all that and so much more describe the emotion of a new fashion discovery! Nili Lotan – are you familiar with the name?

Some of the fashion luminaries we look up to, some of the most controversial celebrities got acquainted with Nili Lotan’s creations, so don’t be surprised if you’ll see more of the designer’s work in magazines, gossip columns or fashion blogs. She really has a substantial style to show off! Let’s focus for a moment on her latest collection for the Pre Fall 2015 season!

minimalist fashion designer to follow Nili Lotan

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Most Beautiful Angels Wings Victoria’s Secret 2014 Fashion Show

Where would we be without the Angels fluttering their wings every year on the Victoria’s Secret catwalk? An impressive total of 39 wings were made for this year’s show for the 47 models who walked the runway for the first time out of the US straight in UK’s London Earl Court.

As we’ve been accustomed with, the show itself is composed of several stages or themes. Tonight it was no different as it’s easy to see how the different settings and decors were reflected in the models outfits. Gilded Angels with golden wings, Exotic Traveler with fabulous extravagant wings, Dream Girl with boudoir wings, Fairy Tale with diaphanous wings, University of Pink with playful getups and Angel Ball with dramatic black wings. There was a bit of everything to every taste and the girls looked like having fun. As always.

Victoria s Secret Angels Wings

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Victoria’s Secret Show 2014: Taylor Swift Shows Angels Tan In Mini Dress!

Waiting for Victoria’s Secret 2014 Fashion Show we can only resort to watching the Red Carpet images and Taylor Swift is definitely a main attraction!

Guest-performing at the VS show two years in a row, Taylor feels like one of the Angels now, especially since she’s living with one (Karlie Kloss and Taylor are not only best friends but also roommates – could it be that her haircut was inspired by Karlie’s or the other way around). Have you seen her Angel tan generously showing wrapped in that J.Mendel mini dress? Perfect for the catwalk!

Victoria s Secret fashion show 2014 Taylor Swift JMendel minidress

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Do You Think Kendall Jenner Deserves To Be The Hottest Model Of The Moment?

She has walked for Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Givenchy, Dolce & Gabbana among others, making her big debut at New York Fashion Week! From the pages of New York Times to Dazed and Vogue, Kendall is everywhere!

She used to be on Twitter and Instagram, a Forever 21 campaign here and a Teen Vogue there. But now she’s taking over the runway and the newsstands of the world. At just 19, Kendall Jenner is playing the big fashion league, with the same little league techniques: Kendall is part of the Kardashian reality TV family who’s capitalizing on their name for fame.

Kendall Jenner catwalk fashion week Fall 2014 Spring 2015

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