Wearable Catwalk Fashion: Nili Lotan Pre Fall 2015

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Your heart flutters, your wardrobe squeezes in delight, your wallet shivers with fear – all that and so much more describe the emotion of a new fashion discovery! Nili Lotan – are you familiar with the name?

Some of the fashion luminaries we look up to, some of the most controversial celebrities got acquainted with Nili Lotan’s creations, so don’t be surprised if you’ll see more of the designer’s work in magazines, gossip columns or fashion blogs. She really has a substantial style to show off! Let’s focus for a moment on her latest collection for the Pre Fall 2015 season!

minimalist fashion designer to follow Nili Lotan

For a couple of seasons already, Israeli-American designer Nili Lotan is focusing on wearable pieces with an androgynous twist. Her creations are minimalist and comfortable, inspiring and suitable for the modern woman, regardless of her age, occupation or background.

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Relaxed-fit trousers as forgiving as they are comfortable and modern need to be in your heavy-rotation wardrobe ASAP! Forget the boyfriend jeans, forget the unforgiving skinny! Go for the relaxing sartorial option, it’s supremely fashionable and extremely comfy!

minimalist fashion inspiration Nili Lotan pre fall 2015

A minimalist palette is de rigueur from Paris to New York – you’ll look ever-so-fashionable by keeping your wardrobe under a strictly limited rainbow! And to think that Angelina Jolie was considered poorly dressed just because she was only wearing black, white and grey! Go for the same (non) colors and you’ll discover a wider fashion world beyond your imagination! You don’t need all the colors of the rainbow to make a style statement, au contraire: choose just a couple and stick to them!

black white sweater Nili Lotan pre fall 2015

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black white wardrobe Nili Lotan pre fall 2015

Flats and volumes are so much more important than you think! Yes, high heels have become the epitome of sensual walk over the years but they’re also a high nuisance for our body. Wear your flats and your smile, you’ll definitely be more interesting than any high-heeled lady in the room! Not to mention so much more relaxed! Playing with volumes is one of fashion’s favorite contrasting games. Fun and comfortable is the key!

styling volumes wardrobe inspiration Nili Lotan pre fall 2015

Don’t forget quality! Just because your wardrobe is going on the comfortable and relaxed coordinate doesn’t mean you have to trade your principles for a place in your closet! Style is all about believing in something and practicing that believe! Nili Lotan believes in effortless fashion, involvement and contemporary presence. Be one with your heart and wear your convictions, have fun with them!

pre fall 2015 Nili Lotan

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black and white wardrobe pre fall 2015 Nili Lotan


#1 Ellington on 12.24.14 at 2:09 pm

Nifty togs!
I like the classic style of the clothes!

Dear Kpriss! Wishing you a very Jolly Holiday time with your family!
And here is to a wonderful fashionable and fabu 2015!

#2 kpriss on 12.24.14 at 3:26 pm

Thank you so much Ellington! I wish you and your loved ones a peaceful Holiday time, with love, laughter and lots of cookies! yum <3

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