Why After Goop & Preserve, Anna Wintour Needs Ellen DeGeneres In Vogue!

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The title may sound puzzling, but reading these quick, explanatory lines, everything will be much clearer! And funnier.

Ellen De Generes is one of those larger-than-life TV personalities that’s been everywhere from the stand-up scene to the Oscars scene. She’s good at what she does, she’s nice and funny, everybody loves her. And if our facts are right, Anna Wintour secretly loves her too! And not because Ellen was on the cover of Vogue so many times (because she wasn’t. never). Anna should come out with her secret love!

Ellen possible Vogue cover

But maybe, just maybe, because every time there’s a spectacular milestone in Ellen’s life, Anna Wintour unconsciously (?) gets a cover girl with something similar to talk about! It all started with Blake Lively and her 2014 August cover. And story. So much did Vogue US got the Hollywood bug that whenever one of their new movie was coming up, Anna’s favorite actresses were instantly on Vogue’s cover (just a random example: Natalie Portman gets the December 2010 – January 2011 Vogue cover just as her Black Swan movie was released into theaters).
Blake Lively has no movies coming up next.

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So why the cover, then? Because Blake Lively is following Gwyneth Paltrow into lifestyle branding! Back in 2008, when she launched Goop, everyone and their mother was laughing at her initiative. It took them 6 years to finally understand that she was a pioneer! Blake Lively launched ‘Preserve’. A lifestyle website which would have to prove itself seriously before getting out of the ‘Goop’ drawer. Until then, however, she’s getting a Vogue cover, consolation prize for not being the first. Not even the second! (to launch a lifestyle brand)
Who was second, you ask? Ellen De Generes!

Blake Lively preserve Vogue 2014

She announced at the beginning of the month, that she was launching a lifestyle brand! Under the simple, yet very suggestive name ‘E.D.’ (read Ed), Ellen is launching in October/November this year, a line of home décor, just in time for the Holidays. Apparel for both men and women is set to follow in spring, just like the online platform. In case you’re wondering why she’s starting off with home décor – it’s because Ellen has developed not only a real passion for real estate & architecture but she also turned that into a profitable hobby (her latest ‘deal’ was buying an estate with $40Million, set it up nicely and put it back on the market for $55Million – acquisitioned by Napster cofounder, Sean Parker). Certainly, her flair and the self-described ‘dream-team’ appointed to launch E.D. will prove at least just as profitable.

Ellen Degeneres Ed lifestyle brand

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Back when Gwyneth Paltrow launched Goop, she also got a complimentary Vogue cover. Blake has her too. Ellen De Generes should have her own Vogue cover! It’s about time Anna admitted her secret admiration for Ellen (and there’s nothing wrong in liking Ellen! Everybody likes Ellen!) and bring her on Vogue’s cover! After all, Ellen’s life was on magazines covers all the time – she did her coming out in April 1997 on the cover of Time magazine! – Anna chose not one, not two but three girl models for Vogue’s 1997 April cover! (Shalom Harlow, Amber Valetta, Carolyn Murphy).

Ellen Degeneres coming out time magazine Vogue magazine cover 1997

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Ellen De Generes married in August 2008 (just like Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop launch, also in the fall of 2008!) while a very lady-like Kate Moss was on the cover of Vogue US August 2008 (a position she hadn’t been offered since the summer of 1996). Doesn’t she look like she was wedding-ready? (Gwyneth already had her cover, in May 2008 when Anna was trying to get two ducks with the same cover: both Iron Man’s launch with Gwyneth as Pepper Potts and Gwyneth’s next lifestyle launch, with the cover story aptly titled ‘Gwyneth’s Guide to Life’)

Vogue 2008 covers Kate Moss Gwyneth Paltrow

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It’s about time Ellen got her own Vogue cover! If we’re to instate ‘glamorous lifestyle’ as the new lifestyle to follow, then let’s choose Ellen. Ellen’s normalcy, Ellen’s kindness, Ellen’s longevity, Ellen’s candor, Ellen’s smile, Ellen’s talent, Ellen’s way of life, Ellen’s way of being beautiful.

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