World’s Hottest Models Change Their Hairdo: Should We Follow?

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Granted, we may not have a six-page pictorial in Vogue magazine like Karlie did, but a change of hairdo makes for many Vogue pages in our day-to-day lives as we end up feeling like a star (in the best hair case scenario) or like a rebel (when our hair is fighting the cut).

Today we learn that two of the world’s most appreciated models have changed their hairdo and we’re now left with the inevitable dilemma: ‘to change or not to change, that is the question!’. Hopefully the following lines will help you get a clearer perspective on the hair matter before the Holidays festive season!

hottest models new hairdos

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Karlie Kloss long blond ‘Rachel’ haircut Remember when she was so contagiously happy with her new short haircut a year ago? Well it seems Karlie Kloss has out-grown her ‘gamine’ messy haircut and grew a slick, very blond, softly layered ‘Rachel’ haircut (remember Jennifer Aniston’s haircut circa Friends?). Let’s see the before&after and the pros&cons of Karlie’s new hairdo!

Karlie Kloss new hairdo

Pros: looks more sophisticated, frames her face beautifully, longer hair is more versatile
Cons: adds more years to Karlie’s lovely young figure, needs straightening, keeps you inside on rainy days, seems to be needing a lot of time, care and attention

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Cara Delevingne new dark hair Sure, she didn’t cut her hair, nor did she got bangs or shaved half her mane, but Cara just premiered a dramatic hair change the other day – the famously blond model went to the dark side and dyed her hair a deep chestnut, a far cry from her natural fair color. Let’s go through the before&after and the pros&cons before Cara changes her mind and goes back to blond!

Cara Delevingne new hairdo

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Pros: looks lovely against her fair skin and blue eyes, matches perfectly her strong eyebrows, makes her look more natural than with her (natural, actually) blond locks
Cons: it looks like a mix between Posh and Michelle Monaghan, she used to be the epic proof that blondes do have more fun (with her silly faces), her constant preference for brunettes (Michelle Rodriguez, Selena Gomez) demand her hair to be contrasting blond. (images getty, rex)

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