Natural Accessories For Authentic Look: Jord Watches

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It’s time for the Weekend Fashion Story! The piece you’re about to read contains personal opinions from personal experience, thus making it a very authentic approach to style and fashion.

We’ve all heard, time and time again, that fashion is what you wear and style is how you wear it. And that a unique personality defines that unique personal style. But – guess what? We’re all unique! So all our style is our own, unique expression of fashion. Make it natural and authentic, that’s what I always think it’s best!

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Shortly ago, I started to talk you into taking up on very interesting beauty & style challenges: the kind that would turn you from a random consumer into a mindful one. And that included the beauty products you’re using, how, why and when you should be using them. Now I’m taking things a notch up by talking about the right, authentic accessories to match your personal style.

wood watch Jord Fieldcrest black white

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A couple of weeks back I was reading the fashion news of the moment and somewhere I saw a tiny message about wood watches. I was amused and intrigued by the idea that granny’s wall watches still hold any interest for today’s e-population: ‘surely these guys haven’t heard about the new iWatch!’. But a day or two later I realized the wood watch hasn’t left my head, despite of already being over my ears in reviews about the iWatch, Asus Zen and Samsung’s Smart Watch!

So I looked for the wood watches!
and I found a treasure!

wood watch Jord Fieldcrest grass lawn image

I’m a tree-hugger at heart and now I’m a tree-watch wearer! So why did I choose to wear a wood watch in an essentially smart-watch era? Because:

1. My wood watch is not mainstream! Handmade from real, natural, untreated wood, my wood watch offers me comfort and authenticity because it’s made from this type of trusted, natural materials.

2. My wood watch needs the same care and attention my skin needs! And I’m not talking about the type of attention to not scratch it (it has blue film anti-scratch film on it), I’m talking about taking care of the wood! The producers recommend you dampen a cotton cloth into a mix of 1 part each olive oil and lemon juice and apply to the wood with brisk moves. But you can also use walnut oil or lip balm or bees wax to the wood to protect it and make time go easier on the wood.

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3. My wood watch works perfectly and looks stylish and versatile! It’s a battery operated mechanism with synthetic sapphire but hasn’t slowed down since the first day I started wearing it! And, also since I started wearing it – I noticed how amazing it looks on my wrist and how everyone turned and asked what was it and where I got it! I was wearing it with denim or formal wear and it looked equally fabulous!

wood watch Jord Fieldcrest roses image

Yes, it doesn’t sync, it doesn’t show your heart rate or plays your favorite tune, but all those can’t ever replace the feeling and authenticity of natural wood! This watch will grow with me, will age with me and it’ll still look amazing while doing so! I’m really thankful for the amazing Jord team who has reached out and kindly offered me the chance to try one of their Jord watches. You try them too and allow yourself to be surprised! (I’m wearing a black Fieldcrest watch throughout the story and all the images feature me and parts of my life, shot with my camera by me and by my Husband)

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#1 Adriana V on 11.03.14 at 9:11 am

An advertorial? ;)
That’s indeed a very beautiful watch, I have had a few watches I’d never worn. All three were gifts, so shame on me.
The wood looks great, warm and even comforting, the colour of the wood is gorgeous. Above all I really like the personal approach of the story on this blog Mrs Cecilia. I wish you and your watch a long and beautiful life together of course including your husband and children. :) <3

#2 Adriana V on 11.03.14 at 9:29 am

Hmm….. I like the Cherry with the smaller clock and wrist band. I have skinny wrists and arms. ;)

#3 kpriss on 11.03.14 at 11:24 am

aww! Thank you Adriana! It was really a wonderful surprise and I’m happy I accepted the challenge to try it out! Ely is a beautiful, enchanting watch! a daring addition, a wood watch, wouldn’t you think? :)

#4 Ellington on 11.04.14 at 9:26 am

Nifty watch Kpriss! : )
I am a watch fiend to be honest, I have about 25 of them, and my favourite is a pocket watch which I have on a chain that I wear attached to my jean belt loop and in a front pocket. : )
The wood watch is cute! I saw one years ago by Tissot and they also did a stone version.
I have promised myself that I will get the iwatch though as I just love watches.

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