Spectacular Watch: Richard Mille’s RM 022 Carbon Tourbillon Aerodyne Dual Time

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I’m an active person. Also, my day is clearly organized around the kids’ schedules. So, mostly, I’m not a wrist watch person. It makes me feel like I’m wearing handcuffs. Time handcuffs. But I do admire those who put some fancy timepiece on display, eager to talk and answer all kinds of questions about their precious wrist candy. So here’s an impressive time piece:

Richard Mille RM 022 Carbon Tourbillon Aerodyne Dual Time. Yes. All that to describe a watch! But Richard Mille is French, so…

Five of these precious time babies were made, with certainly a price to match the exceptional case (200 times stronger than steel) with the black polymer injection molded with carbon fiber nanotubes (don’t ask!). But what pushed me to talk about this watch to begin with is that – I can’t tell what time it is by looking at it! And that’s what a wrist watch is supposed to do, right? Help you figure out what time it is without spending an hour to decipher the hour dial. Right? Today is really a puzzling day

exquisite watch Richard Mille RM022 carbon tourbillon dual time

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