Swarovski D:Light Watches

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Swarovski crystals no longer accessorize a wristwatch, now they make a watch by themselves. The D:Light, Vanguard Avant Time. The design of this Swarovski timepiece is signed Eirc Giroud and could easily disguise into a full-right jewelry even if it’s a timepiece.

D:Light from Swarovski
could easily give you a headache instead of merely pointing the time with its rectangular digital time display made from 171 crystals. (the story continues after the jump, with more pictures!)

Swarovski crystals D Light bracelet watch

Wrist jewelry most of the times, watch by touch, this Swarovski D:light comes with gold or silver case and it costs $1,700, $1,500 respectively.

Swarovski D Light watch

If you want to know the time, you have to magically touch the orange dotted lines. It’s a reversible watch, you can wear it on your right or left wrist and it’s rechargeable: three hours equals a month of functioning. Made in gold or silver stainless steel, the Swarovski D:Light goes the modern blingy way and buys you headaches for $1,700 or $1,500! Do you find it easy to use? (via 1, 2)

Swarovski D Light watch silver

Swarovski D Light watch gold

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