Angelina Jolie Back To Black: YSL Dress For World War Z Premiere

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Some time ago, when I started this wonderful Frizz-adventure, my celebrity news seem to go round and round what Angelina Jolie did and what she wore. But back then, the entire Red Carpet thing was just… different. Angelina herself is different.

But somehow still the same. Angelina Jolie loves a good black outfit. And for the world premiere of her partner, Brad Pitt’s new film, World War Z, Angelina’s black dress was both stunning and familiar. Sure, everyone was waiting to see some sign of distress, something that would give away the amazing struggle she confessed to only days ago. But no, all we saw was the usual bright, wide smiling, lean Angelina who looks great in an elegant evening dress, her usual hair color, her usual winged makeup, everything looked normal.

Angelina Jolie radiant after her surgery

After seeing her pictures and watching her on the dm website, I can only hope that the happy display they put on is for real and that both she and Brad Pitt live in their own blessed bubble. Because for many, they’re still torn from a fairy tale of some kind and rolled on to a Red Carpet somewhere. Anywhere.

Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt happy World War Z premiere

Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt picture happy together film premiere

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#1 Appollonia on 06.04.13 at 10:19 am

I watched the live stream of the black carpet world premiere of World War Z. Almost for 1,5 hours last Sunday.
A black carpet with white skulls.

I found it quite entertaining. It also left me with the feeling watching a real, loving couple. But I liked her more than him. I can not lay my finger on it why that is…….She was very adorable. Beautiful and wearing that great dress. The people were obviously waiting for her. She exactly knows how to play with the crowd. I almost forgot this was a film premiere of an overly expensive film of her partner and has nothing to do with Angelina at all. So I felt sorry for the rest of the cast and crew. Nobody cared about them. The guest list was questionable as well.
Muse got hardly attention from the people although their free concert seems to have been great. Not available on a live stream alas……

But I’m gonna find the book and read it and play Muse The Second Law and use my own imagination.

Today I donated an amount of money for each family member of a GF. Three of them. They are in France to conquer the Alpe d’Huez on their race bikes to raise awareness and money for cancer research. Three women in that family suffered breast cancer. One had her breasts removed as well. Without a reconstruction. She’s the prettiest sister. She’s also there. Her husband and son and a nephew ride for the family. The race is tomorrow Wednesday June 4.

So if Angelina did impress you look around in your own circle. Angelina was not ill but healthy. And very wise to make this choice. So support and donate to trustworthy organisations. Cancer is a assassin and don’t care who you are or what good you have done……

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