Men’s Style School Uniform Part One: The Don’ts

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Come Fall, school is back on everyone’s lips and, for fashion mindful individuals, the wardrobe becomes a wonderful place to experiment and establish a style power greater than suspected in one simple word: uniform.

Remember when we mentioned that in order to discover and practice a personal approach to style, one has to – among other capital rules – embrace Uniforms! Let’s get more into that, this time for the men in our lives – Husbands, Brothers, Sons or, why not, Fathers? Like many other things in life, learning style is ageless and every stage comes with its own amazing challenges, but the same essential rules!

The 10 donts of men school uniforms

the dos and donts of school uniforms

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Starting with the Don’t of wearing the School Uniform, pay attention to these style notes and make the proper adjustments head to toes:

1. Mind the fit of the blazer! You know the type of uniform that looks stolen from your Dad’s closet? Please, don’t! Choose a fitting blazer (and do ask the boutique personnel to help you out if you’re size-clueless).

10 donts of school uniforms no1 blazer

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2. Mind the undergarments! Yes, it’s your lucky t-shirt, but having a dark tee perking up from underneath a white shirt makes you look like you forgot your pajama on! Lose it or cut a v-neck with your own scissors if you think your school grades depend on wearing that tee or not!

10 donts of school uniforms no2 tee

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3. Mind the knot! Do you know that mastering the art of a tie knot is really something all girls admire? It’s really a conversation started – explaining in detail the types of knots and how fluent you are in tie-knotting!

10 donts of school uniforms no3 knot

4. Don’t be generous when buttoning-up! This is a lesson you’ll be applying also when it comes to any other type of formal blazer – don’t button it up completely, just use the middle and the top buttons, forget the last one. It will also add freedom of movement which can come in handy.

10 donts of school uniforms no4 buttons

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5. Destroy is not stylish anymore! Long gone are the grunge years and while the very Icon of Grunge was brilliant as a performer, remember he didn’t end well at all… So do not destroy your garments, do not poke holes in your jumper or tear buttons, somebody worked hard to put these garments together, preserve and wear them with respect!

10 donts of school uniforms no5 holes

6. Keep your bling at home! Leave the rattling sound of metal for Santa’s Sleigh, school is a place where you’ll learn, among other things, to be discrete. Stacking bracelets or chains won’t help you become a better James Bond…

10 donts of school uniforms no6 jewelry

7. Mind the fit of the pants! Not too large, not too long. Avantgarde people would rather wear shorter pants than crease them over the shoes! Belt you pants around the waist for a better look and adjust the hem if you have to avoid creases.

10 donts of school uniforms no7 pants

8. Choose the right socks! For the right outfit. When practicing sports, go for a (white) cushioned pair of socks. When in uniform (or formal wear), white socks are to be avoided. If you really want people to look at your socks, find fun and colorful ones to wear, they’d definitely make the delight of onlookers. If you’re uncertain or simply rather not stick out, keep with dark solid colored socks.

10 donts of school uniforms no8 socks

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9. Lace up you shoes! Forget Velcro shoes – they’re for preschoolers who don’t master yet the art of tying their shoelaces. If you do know how to use them, go for lace-up brogues or buckled up shoes, they make a much more suitable match when it comes to formal wear.

10 donts of school uniforms no9 shoes

10. Buy smart! Mind the quality of your garments. You’ll be wearing them several hours per day, every day, for weeks and weeks, you want to be able to rely on your clothes, they’re just the means to an end, after all! You need to be able to focus on your school, not your ill-fitting, itchy pants!

(to be continued…)

10 donts of school uniforms no10 quality

This project is a collaboration between Topman, Neomam Studios and Stylefrizz


#1 Ellington on 11.24.14 at 1:02 pm

My brothers had to follow this. : )

#2 kpriss on 11.25.14 at 11:50 pm

I guess for some it just comes naturally! Lucky them, huh?… I had to struggle a lot against my fashion intuitions because of what I was being said that is do-able or not do-able…. but I do believe this is a fun way to keep the uniform years at a steady fashion pace :)

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