Pixie Hair Comeback: 6 Inspiring Famous Short Haircuts

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When it comes to haircuts, I’m a pretty classic girl and I like my wavy, frizzy hair more on the long side. But short haircuts seem to be making a comeback this year as more and more famous ladies chop off their long locks in favor of a more or less radically short pixie cut.

The ‘pixie cut’ became a fashionable haircut statement ever since the 50s when Audrey Hepburn’s really short hair made all the hair rage after her Roman Holiday movie. Mia Farrow is one of the original pixie girls and an entire plethora of famous beautiful ladies followed suit along the years among which Twiggy, Jean Shimpton, Kate Moss or more recently Natalie Portman or Emma Watson. The short haircut fashion keeps coming back, it’s up to us whether we choose to follow it or not.

The latest adepts of the pixie cuts are: Beyonce and Coco Rocha. However, I also threw two more in the mix, for inspirations reasons – Miley Cyrus and Robin Wright.

Pixie Haircut Comeback Beyonce Coco Rocha

Both Beyonce and Coco Rocha who are constantly followed and photographed all over the place, decided to go public with their new hairstyle via the popular social networks Twitter and Instagram.

new short haircut trend Beyonce Coco Rocha

Same happened with Emma Watson and Miley Cyrus before them. A long look back will teach us something about our modern culture as well: while pixie cuts were made popular by movie stars and their respective movies, now it’s all about the social and the forthcoming. When Karlie Kloss cut her hair, Vogue had it all covered!

most famous pixie haircuts Audrey Hepburn Mia Farrow

When Beyonce cut her hair, the media pointed the finger with an all-knowing superiority claiming that Beyonce wore wigs anyway. As far as Coco Rocha’s short hair goes, she called it herself a ‘mini Tilda’ in homage to Tilda Swinton’s trademark short bob with rebel fringe on the side. As it’s all a matter of personal choice and perspective, I was curious if you ever had short hair and if so why and if the answer is no: would you consider the pixie cut in the near future? Inspired by someone we know? (images via voguedotcom, imdbdotcom and the stars own Instagram/Twitter accounts)

pixie haircut inspiration Miley Cyrus Robin Wright

short hair styling ideas Coco Rocha


#1 Appollonia on 08.15.13 at 10:53 am

Yes, I have had twice a short pixie. Once when I was real young. I liked it for a week or so?
The second time to get rid of a ’80s perm, lol! I hate the photos of these days. ;)

Hmm, I think it’s all much ado about nothing. Short pixies have always been around. But as soon as a celebrity has short cut it’s hot again…..
Really, every time I visit the hair salon there’s someone who loves to keep her hair short.

I miss Halle Berry. She looks so good with short hair.
Also late, tragic Jean Seberg who’d make that look really a trend along with her stripey black/white shirts and jeans in the iconic European movie À bout de souffle.

Hmm, as much as I like Coca she’s hardly in the picture of late.
Miley’s cut reminds on Pink.

Who’s next? ;)

#2 Appollonia on 08.16.13 at 7:05 am

Michelle Williams has had a short cut before. Shorter than this more like Mia’s hair. Probably for a movie? Can’t remember it? She looked great with it.
And there’s Tilda Swinton’s trademark haircut.
A short cut is not a good look for everyone. Older Robin Wright should go back to longer hair imo. Once she looked great with short hair. Anyone seen She’s So Lovely with Sean Penn and a remarkable part of John Travolta? Underrated movie, a small movie. Loved it. {offtopic ;) }

#3 kpriss on 08.16.13 at 11:18 pm

movie talk is always permitted and encouraged here! ;)

Will look up for that movie and let you know how I felt about it!

Yes, Michelle Williams looked lovely with short hair! Halle is flawless as always – love that she’s keeping it short for so long and she’s looking amazing!

I’ve had short hair long time ago but I always felt boy-ish with it and I really missed my frizzy hair bouncing around my face… My ideal cut would be somewhere around the jawline if I keep it all bouncy-curly and somewhere on the shoulder blades level for wavy days (during the summer season). Sadly it just doesn’t go up and down overnight and I’m not a fan of extensions either, so I’ll just stick with an in-between length!

#4 Appollonia on 08.17.13 at 8:31 am

Dumb! I was talking about Michelle’s new short hairdo….I had her on my retina but there’s no photo here with her new short hairdo!! Lolz!
I remember cute photos of Michelle and Heath. I googled these photos to be sure….

I’m extremely boring with my in-between-lenght since years. I can wear it lose, a ponytail etc. With a good cut it’s my ideal hairdo for the rest of my life. :)

#5 Diyana on 08.20.13 at 12:02 pm

Oh I missed my short hair too, when I see them! Those last 3 years I have my warrior style ( so called dreadlocks), I love i now that I learned how to curl them. Michelle Williams she’s my prefered she rocks it.

#6 kpriss on 08.21.13 at 12:14 pm

Oh, I love your hair Diyana! <3
Charlize Theron just came to me as I was writing these lines - how do we like her hair?

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