Slip On Sneakers Vs Converse Sneakers

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Do you ever question yourself if Converse will still be your next pair of sneakers? I do. A lot. But that’s part of a larger story I will develop these days. For now, I’ll just concentrate on the new shoes in fashion town: slip on sneakers.

Fashion has a strange way of rewarding its most faithful followers. Walking endless miles between fashion show venues or just trying to look relaxed for fashrazzi pictures in towering high heels can be extremely painful for one’s feet (and back). But you already know that, don’t you? Naturally, a nice pair of sneakers would be just as appealing as a gigantic bowl of Haagen Dazs for the severe dieter. Since everyone makes sneakers nowadays: from Christian Louboutin to H&M, there are so many options!

Options with 4 or 3 figure-price tags now feel normal as we see fashion messing up with both the physical and the moral aspects of the comfort offered by a pair of sneakers. Say you have around $250 and you’d love to upgrade from your usual all stars to a more stylish pair of sneakers. What should you choose?

slip on sneakers vs laced sneakers

The fancy popular Marc by Marc Jacobs Lace Sneakers retail for $248. Should you opt for these slip-on sneakers, you’d get a lovely lace textured sneaker with a solid black toe patent cap. Not only will you be in-tune with the latest trends as the slip on sneakers get more and more fans with every passing day, but you’ll also make an investment as Marc Jacobs left Louis Vuitton to concentrate on his own brand (namely Marc Jacobs, Marc by Marc Jacobs) so chances are the fashion factor will skyrocket soon enough.

lace slip on sneakers Marc by Marc Jacobs

The fancy artsy Maison Martin Margiela Converse Sneakers retail for $271 at current exchange rates. Should you not feel entirely ready to shed your loyalty towards the all starred brand, MMM Converse can be the perfect answer to your upgrade to your next fashion level. However! White painted Jack Purcell sneakers can make the object of a DIY weekend project sans the 3-figures price tag ($60 for a classic pair of Jack Purcell sneakers and a permanent white fabric paint for say, $7). There’s no visible brand tag on the outside of the sneakers, so you’ll be the only one to know it’s not the real MMM Converse sneakers but your own! Both high top and low top sneakers were included in this special Fall Winter collection. The surprise element of this collaboration is that the white paint cracks in time, and with each wear, your MMM Converse will reveal the real color underneath the white paint shell! (hint: it can either be yellow, red, blue or black, depending on the combination you chose). That may not be as easy to diy…

white sneakers Maison Martin Margiela Converse

Now that you have your options lined up, what would you rather choose? The new trendy slip ons or the safe laced Converse with a slight fashion twist?

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