Fabulous Shoes In Tom Ford Spring Summer 2014 Collection

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Need some seriously grown up footwear for the next summer? Here’s where you need to get your fashion inspiration from!

Watching yesterday’s Burberry Spring Summer 2014 collection during the London Fashion Week is exactly that: yesterday – next to the collection concocted by Tom Ford for the upcoming warm season! I believe that when he received the stylists recommendations reports which read ‘simplicity’ and ‘romantic’ he made a nice, warm chimney fire out of them! He brought in the leather armies and the lace soldiers to help him put together a very mature, confident sensuality which he then sprayed on paper and voila! Tom Ford Spring Summer 2014 just happened!

But let’s focus on the shoes: my God! have you seen those tanned t-strap leather sandals? I almost chocked while sipping on my fancy cup of green tea when I saw the leather tint and those metal details and metal high heels that look just like unfinished, alluring sentences! (more shoes after the jump!)

Tom Ford Spring Summer 2014 sandals

Tom Ford T Strap Sandals Spring Summer 2014

Vaguely remembering ‘graphic’ from the stylist books he just ashed to pieces, Tom Ford made believe with a game of see-through fishnets and lace in black and white. Countless inches of heavily interlocked laces would make any psychiatrist happy to indicate us how constrained and trapped our new-father feels in his newly found fatherhood!

Tom Ford SS14 sandals

Tom Ford footwear Spring Summer 2014

But then again, it would all fall to pieces at the sight of the thigh-high lace boots mounted all the way up to the hem of a barely there tight skirt while the leg is fighting to burst out of the tightly knotted laces. The word du jour is tight. Keep that in mind when thinking about Tom Ford and the new collection he presented during the SS14 London Fashion Week!

lace thigh high boots from Tom Ford Spring Summer 2014

And just when the psychiatrists would endlessly debate on the strains of Ford being a new father, the mirrored thigh high boots would be proudly strutting down the trendsetting catwalk. A myriad of tiny mirrors assembled in a fashionable mosaic up, up the leg, finishing into an equally sparkling stroboscopic turtleneck minidress. It’s Ford’s inner teenager piercing through laces and fishnets.

Oh, How I dream of wearing those boots just once! Just try them on, shine a million lights and then take them off and hide them away from the fashion pagans eyes! (images courtesy styledotcom)

disco boots thigh high Tom Ford Spring Summer 2014


#1 Linda McCarty on 01.16.14 at 10:44 am

I LOVE THESE…Just wish they were affordable.

#2 kpriss on 01.18.14 at 4:28 am

I hear you and I soooo feel you Linda! But if we look closely, the likes of Zara and H&M will be soon making lookalikes ;)

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