Top 3 Spring Summer Nails From The Spring Summer 2014 Fashion Week {Tutorials}

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If you want to know what nail polish you need for your nails next spring and what nail art you have to wear, take notes! Part of the unexpected beauty of fashion is that you never know what to think and how to act. Its unpredictability is dictated by commercial reasons that are usually way above the fashion-loving crowd’s reach and understanding: do you remember when they tried to convince us that nail art was dead?

Lo and behold, the Spring Summer 2014 New York Fashion Week’s shows put on a gorgeous display of nail art we already love and wear. So if that’s what they say our nails should be wearing next year, I’m proud to announce all nails loving ladies out there that we’re oh-so-avantgarde! Let’s take a look at my NYFW nail selection so far and choose our avant-fashion nails with their respective nail tutorials!

{1} bright (BLUE) nails like the kind we’ve seen in the Whit Spring 2014 collection, the Peter Som Spring 2014 collection, the Veronica Beard Spring 2014 collection. Don’t be afraid to make your nails pop, ladies! Even it’s just for two weekend days or a quick getaway, make them nails shine bright with vivid neon colors in shades that hint at the beautiful ocean! (since I doubt you need any tutorial for solid color nails, I thought I’d leave this one out and focus on the following two – just hit the jump to see them!)

Catwalk Blue nails Spring 2014 WHiT Peter Som

Catwalk blue nails Spring 2014 Veronica Beard

{2} striped nails like the ones we’ve seen chez Zimmermann Spring 2014 – which was lovely, by the way! Don’t be afraid, it’s really easy to do and you only need to paint a single stripe on the middle of a single nail out of a hand’s five. It’s called ‘accent nail’ and if you can’t freehand it straight on the middle, two stripes of good ol’ scotch tape will help you achieve that! If you’re feeling more audacious, you can try the net – striped nails proposed on the Tracy Reese Spring 2013 catwalk, or the sun rays striped nails we’ve seen in Mara Hoffman Spring 2013 gorgeous collection! (the two nail art tutorials as seen on makeupdotcom and favnailsdotcom)

Catwalk Striped Nails Spring 2014 Zimmermann

simple striped nails tutorial

Catwalk Striped nails Spring 2014 Tracy Reese

simple grid striped nails tutorial

Catwalk Sun Rays Nails Spring 2014 Mara Hoffman

simple sun ray nails tutorial

{3} Black tipped French nails ( French nails never do go out of fashion, huh?). We’ve seen on the Yigal Azrouel Spring 2014 catwalk and in Rachel Comey’s Spring 2014 collection presentation. Although you’d look like fresh out of planting in your garden, black tipped nails seem to be a high fashion item, so it’s really up to you if you’re willing to try this kind of French do – next spring looks very graphic from what I reviewed so far and that’s why black tips are happening! (a quick nails howto seen on miss-angeldotcom; all the other catwalk images from styledotcom)

Catwalk black tipped french nails Spring 2014 Rachel Comey

catwalk Black Tipped French nails Spring 2014 Azrouel

simple French nails tutorial

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