Joining the Babyboom Trend – Tom Ford to be a Daddy?

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He’s one of most charismatic males I’ve seen. Ever. And because life has it’s mysterious ways, he’s not a ladies man.

Tom Ford, the designer par excellence is looking for that fulfillment every woman seeks her entire life – parenthood. Being such a professional in his line of work I guess it implies being a little selfish and mean once in a while:

Fantastic Man Cover - Tom Ford

“It will be biologically mine. I mean, I’m a lot younger. If things follow their natural order he’ll [Richard] probably leave the planet ahead of me and I can’t not have had something I’ve wanted forever. I’ve always wanted kids.

I don’t want to get to 75 years old and just have made a lot of dresses, done some houses.”

Tom Ford Ad Campaign

Oh, dear! I started this article with a kind of admiration towards Mr. Ford. And I have a way of reading materials and writing my own lines along, so you actually see how I’m progressing when dealing with a piece of news (and this one was suggested by one of our dear readers). Now I’ve come to a part where my eyebrows are starting to raise and question marks abound towards the irony boulevard. Let’s take a walk, then!

Tom Ford Eyewear Ad Campaign

Mr Ford considers his experience at Gucci silly and looks at his departure like an epiphany pushing him to a healthy life style with a lot of sport and no work:

“Leaving Gucci taught me a lot about who is a real friend and who is a friend for business. The Gucci experience was horrible.(…) Luckily I had made enough money to not have to work for the rest of my life, and I seriously thought I’d play tennis and golf for the rest of my days.”

Tom Ford Eyewear Ad

The perspective of that physical activity has opened Mr. Ford’s eyes on the human body, which he doesn’t find offending and would go as far as exposing human intimacy next to a perfume bottle.
And completely aware that he’s not an intellectual but an intelligent man, he continues with talking about two perfectly matched subjects – sex and childhood, placing his “childhood” stage at 14-15 years and saying his consciousness about his own beauty wasn’t active so girls who considered him handsome literally jump on him before he even realized he preferred men. (I don’t even see it as a surprise now if when he was such a happy child at 14-15 years old, he had to put up with some overhungered girls who took advantage of his innocent beauty!).

Tom Ford Eyewear Advertising

And the happiest news possible – he won’t retire (ah, those years of physical healthy activity are long gone now, he’s looking at a 50 stores worldwide 2009 so he must have completely forgot how to play tennis or golf!) until “I literally drop dead.”.

Did you looked into history and checked out Gianni’s interviews before his “retirement”? (images and quotes)

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