3 Funky New Sneakers You Should Consider This Season!

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I’m feeling sporty today, what can I say? (must be that unusual workout routine I talked about yesterday?) So I scooped for you 3 interesting, funky new sneakers releases you should definitely look into for more than just workout or sports related purposes!

Because, as you well know, whatever you wear/own has to make a statement. About you, your interests, your tastes. Your look is your self-card, it represents you – or so it should. So a sneaker is more than just a simple sneaker. Let’s take a look at my special sneaker selection:

must see new sneakers this season

{1}The Classic Sneakers : Nike is releasing its Free Flyknit. A sock-like upper and a simple or very vibrant print to ensure your utmost comfort and natural feeling.

newest nike sneakers release

{2}The Fashionable Sneakers : Jeremy Scott’s new collection with Adidas is exploring an interesting facet of his winged design by releasing a money-printed sneaker. As such, Adidas and Jeremy Scott JS Wings 2.0 marks the debut of the JS-bill, the ultimate ‘baller’ for kicks hipsters!

newest Adidas Jeremy Scott sneakers

{3}The Practical Sneakers : (this is where it gets tricky!) The Walking Shelter sneakers was imagined and created by Sibling Nation for the Australian gormanshop as an emergency solution in a series of situations that a rain cover or a tent could solve. As The Walking Shelter sneakers has those net pockets where a full size tent is packed and hidden. Good or bad idea, what say you? (before discarding it, just think how useful it can be during the festival season!)

newest sneakers gadgets concept

walking shelter sneakers

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