9 Simple Ways To Wear Your Jeans Cutoffs Like The Stars

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Have you noticed how, once summer is fully installed, the jeans cutoffs or the jorts immediately become the new black? Everyone wears a pair of daisy dukes, regardless of their physical abilities to really qualify at wearing a pair. And although they seem really versatile and adaptable, the short jeans are just as wearable as the skinny jeans or the leggings. But despair not, there’s a way and a place for every pair of jorts out there, you just need the right ensemble to put them in the right light. And you, while wearing them.

So today I gathered a handful of lovely famous ladies, all wearing a pair of short jeans, to inspire you. Let’s discuss them all and the way you can wear your daisy dukes too! wear your jeans cutoffs like:

{1} The Daisy Dukes Queen: Mariah Carey. She’s 43 and she looks amazing. Also: she has an amazing life with two wonderful kids and a loving husband. Everything seems to be going great for Mariah and this pair of jorts as well! For this type of costume-y jeans shorts you’ll need a pair of fishnet tights, a contrasting bra worn underneath a white shirt two sizes smaller, knotted just below your bra and a dazzlingly high pair of platforms.

celebrities wearing shorts Mariah Carey

{2} The Daisy Dukes Sportsfan: Miley Cyrus. She’s just discovering her inner Good Girl Gone Bad so if you want to replicate this look, you’ll need to raid your BF’s closet for an oversized fan tee shirt and a pair of short enough jeans to bare come out of underneath the tee. A funny looking pair of sandals and long nails to finish the look. Ah, yes, and a matching cape for a matchy-matchy look.

celebrities wearing shorts Miley Cyrus

{3} The Daisy Dukes Hipster: Alexa Chung and Daisy Lowe. This is the right look for the careless and carefree fashionista who’s actually a very dedicated trends follower and regularly checks her closet for the latest fashion looks. Don’t believe them if they’ll tell you different! Because otherwise, there’s really no excuse for this type of oldfashioned high waisted cutoffs that wouldn’t look good on a skinny or a fuller frame, just like you’re seeing in the picture below! What you need for this look? A pair of your mom’s old jeans that you can cut off as you please, and a shirt that’ll you absolutely tuck in. Actually, you can wear whatever you like, you’ll end up looking just as tasteless!

celebrities wearing shorts Alexa Chung Daisy Lowe

{4} The Daisy Dukes City Girl: Anne Hathaway and Diane Kruger. She’s too vegan to wear shorter jeans or too beautiful to care and it’s too hot to wear longer jeans. So meet halfway for a pair of just-above-the-knee cutoff jeans. For this look you’ll need an old pair of washed out jeans with ripped knees and cut just along that ripped knee line. Or slightly above, about mid-thigh if you’re really going for a daring look. Put on a cotton, basic tee or one of your BF’s tees and espadrilles and you’re good to go! Oh, and for a geeky finish: grip onto your book or your mobile phone!

celebrities wearing shorts Diane Kruger Anne Hathaway

{5} The Daisy Dukes Boho Hippie: Alessandra Ambrosio and Candice Swanepoel. I guess models do know better! Alessandra is wearing a pair of short natural-wais jeans with a printed, bright colored top for a hippie look while Candice matched her barely-there daisy dukes with a white off the shoulders boho blouse. Take a style lesson from our beloved models and finish your look with a pair of neutral sandals/flip flops.

celebrities wearing shorts Alessandra Ambrosio Candice Swanepoel

{6} The Daisy Dukes Tough Girl: Josh Hutcherson’s GF, Claudia Traisac and Ashley Benson. They just like keeping their checkered shirt on or knotted around their waist, but if you take that and the military boots off, you end up with a Daisy Dukes City Girl with a significantly shorter pair of jeans cutoffs.

celebrities wearing shorts Ashley Benson Claudia Traisa

{7} The Daisy Dukes Beach Fashionista: Selena Gomez. She’s young, she’s perfectly shaped and so she doesn’t need much to look good. A pair of short, slightly oversized pair of washed out jorts and a white top, neutral flat sandals to finish the look. May easily be confused with the Daisy Dukes Hippie Boho girl…

celebrities wearing shorts Selena Gomez

{8} The Daisy Dukes Off Duty Girl: Leighton Meester. Ever since she cut off her hair, Leighton looks like she freed her spirit and her body from the strains of the Red Carpet. For this look, you need a pair of hipster jorts and a midriff baring top. To finish your outfit, wear a pair of comfy sneakers and you’re good to go! Don’t forget your cap to go undercover!

celebrities wearing shorts Leighton Meester

{9} The Daisy Dukes Fashion Fail: Mary Louise Parker. She could’ve been, would’ve been if it handn’t been for her entire look and posture. Do not replicate this at home or anywhere else! Everybody will be thankful of your decision!

celebrities wearing shorts Mary Louise Parker

Which Daisy Dukes Girl are you?

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