3 Most Important Beauty Case Fall Updates

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While doing the fall beauty advertising story, I realized I felt the need to mark my fall calendar with significant beauty launches dates as I really wanted to try some of the new goodies they’ll be releasing this fall!

{1}Deborah Lippmann Sephora Nail Polish Collection. First, as you might expect, is the amazing new collection from Deborah Lippmann for Sephora! I was crossing my fingers for something like this to happen since OPI and Sephora parted ways earlier this year. There’s no telling what led to the breakout and as always no further details were released to the public, but even though I was a loyal OPI fan for so long, Deborah Lippmann (and Butter London) caught my attention recently and I was determined to try them out.

As such, scaling down the prices for Deborah Lippmann’s lovely polishes with a Sephora line is more than good news! So when’s the important day? September 5th! That’s when it launches. The prices? $17 for the polish and $19 for the glitter (treatments, tools and a gel kit are also available in this collection)

Fall Beauty Must Deborah Lippmann Sephora nail polish collection

{2}Zoya Emily Liebert Nail Polish Collection. Second, as you might expect, is yet another nail polish launch. This time with another brand I’ve been meaning to test, Zoya. While OPI and even Deborah Lippmann bet on celebrities to bring on the nail polish customers, Zoya is trying its hand at something interesting – pairing up with a writer for a nail polish collection! Emily Liebert’s novel ‘You Knew Me When’ is the inspiration for this set of three new polishes from the US based cosmetics brand.

Each of the bottles is named after one of the novel’s three characters of which one is a successful cosmetics executive! (it’s beginning to add up, huh?). So when’s the important date? September 10th! For the book launch, nail polishes will be given away so don’t miss the treat!

Fall Beauty Must Zoya special edition novel polish

{3}Jason Wu Lancome Fashion Week Collection marks the designer’s first foray into beauty so if we receive this with great enthusiasm, he may consider going deeper and expanding his beauty counter experience further than basic makeup&lipstick offer he’ll be launching this fall. Blue-hued makeup in gray cassettes and three shades of red for the lipstick and nail polish offer make a really interesting addition to our beauty regime. When’s the important date? September 5th, when the New York Fashion Week begins, through Nordstrom and Bergdorf Goodman. (all the information and the images comprises in this story come from the brands respective press releases)

Fall beauty must Jason Wu Lancome makeup collection

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