Cara Delevingne New YSL Ad Campaign Glamorizing Grunge Junkies

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I realize I already talked about this on two previous occasions and although I sincerely wish there wasn’t the case anymore, I have to talk about the same old triggers Hedi Slimane keeps on glamorizing in his work.

The Saint Laurent Paris Fall 2013 ad campaign was released and Cara Delevingne perfectly illustrates the spirit and the idea of the collection presented by Hedi on the catwalk that caused so much controversy a few months back. Grunge is back, yes, only with a significantly higher price tag. Couture democracy, sure, but at what cost? This is for the poor little rich kids who go through a rebellious stage in their neverending teenage life and want to spend all their monthly allowance on a dress and a pair of boots.

Cara Delevingne new YSL Ad campaign

Fine by me. I couldn’t care less what other do/wear unless it touches me in a direct manner. Otherwise it’s just wasted time and nervous energy. But if Mr Hedi Slimane is following the trend makers directives that we too are supposed to follow, I’m not all that relaxed anymore.

As much as I love music and have a real fondness for fashion, the fashindustry only binds the two as long as there’s a fine line of white powder on the table. And that, we all came to find out, is something fashion sweetheart Cara Delevingne is no stranger to. Sure, nobody makes a big case of what models eat, drink or inhale anymore. Because everybody’s practicing some kind of weird regime, but I’m just a simple girl and I still hold on to my simple, naïve pleasures. Fashion is one of them. I’d like my fashion with creativity on the side, no chemicals for me, thank you very much!

Cara Delevingne Saint Laurent Paris Ad Campaign

Also, I’d like my models more on the lovely side, not on the dulled-out-of-their-crackhead-minds attitude. Sure, she’s lovely, but if everything that’s holding together the Cara magic can be contained in a little transparent plastic sachet, I’ll just look elsewhere for sheer and uncorrupted inspiration.

Hedi Slimane grunge Saint Laurent collection ad campaign

Mr Slimane, you can take your poor little rich kids and their infinite boredom and shove it on their parents’ paycheck. I hope the next season will bring something fresher and more joyful, or I’ll take my YSL appreciation and classify it under vintage flavors and shut the door leading to the new Saint Laurent catwalk.


#1 ana on 06.03.13 at 9:46 am

Why you say “YSL ad campaign ” in the title ?

See ? He (Slimane)can try to change everything he wants.. it will never happens.

#2 kpriss on 06.03.13 at 10:06 am

Try all he wants, I want my YSL back ;-)

#3 ana on 06.03.13 at 11:56 am

We all want that ;-)

#4 Appollonia on 06.04.13 at 10:33 am

Yes, so do I. But this is what it has become…..A sick world were people admire the rich and celebrities and their bad habits.
So very inspirational to certain designers….yaaawwn…..

#5 Appollonia on 06.04.13 at 12:12 pm

……but….Angelina Jolie’s second appearance in Paris in Saint Laurent was also awesome! And stylish. I loved her black suit and her blouse a lot.
The suit reminds me of Le Smoking. Nothing original but at least something that makes us remember why the one and only Yves Saint Laurent was a true master :)

The great YSL was also not a stranger to drugs sadly enough.

Oh, and this….don’t know about Cara but the former heroin chic girl Kate Moss scrubbed up nicely after being on substances. As well did Angelina! Some people need this phase in their lives….. But I hate the glorification. That’s all wrong.

#6 ana on 06.11.13 at 11:47 am

For your information : That babydoll dress has a price tag of a “cool” US$ 68.000 !!!
It is THE talking in the internets today…

#7 Appollonia on 06.11.13 at 12:15 pm

LOL! You’d beat me ana. I would have post this too. Bet we have read the same page hahaha…..I couldn’t stop laughing……
Have you also noticed that mega ugly animal print jacket? Certain types wear that. That price tag was also more than hilarious…….

#8 ana on 06.11.13 at 12:45 pm

LOLZZZZZ…… We are in a run ;-) Yes, I saw the jacket.

Now you know,when your work doesnt speak for itself you put an astronomical price, just to get the talks… Silliest trick EVER!
Remember those “sell out” croco back packs from the Olsens? I dispair…

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