Geek Chic: Super Mario Super Shoes

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Geek chic and the little wonders of this exquisitely creative and delightful style keep drawing my attention and I will certainly not miss any opportunity to praise it. The Grand Anna Wintour deemed geek with a chic attribute, so who are we to disagree?

Super Mario Shoes. Literally! Super Mario handpainted high heels will definitely bring that funny, funky attitude to even the dullest of outfits. An all black, all gray or any other all- you’d wear, complete it with these shoes and the (fashion) game will always be yours! And for $153, you’ll get way more praise than you would with a pair of Louboutin for which you could very well pay 10 times this much! I’m charmed, how about you? Can you resist the magic spell of the Super Mario Shoes? (more on etsydotcom, the magicbeanbuyer shop)

geek chic Super Mario shoes

Super Mario high heels shoes handpainted

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