Helena Bonham Carter Covers Vogue! Because She’s In Her 40s!

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(must be the worse pretext ever!) I was genuinely in awe when I discovered the July 2013 Vogue UK cover: Helena Bonham Carter is one of my favorite actresses for a long time and a clearly unique and outstanding personality, fashion and otherwise. I couldn’t be happier to discover her on a Vogue cover!

And since it’s such a unique moment in (style) time, I will do my best to procure this issue. Would make my first British Vogue to add to that ever growing stash I hold so dear to my heart and so precious to my eyes. I don’t even mind that the Mert and Marcus cover photo makes this Vogue UK look so much like your usual Vogue US, completed with (not so complimentary) Photoshop generous smoothing (which totally made lovely Helena look like Rachel Weisz) and Ralph Lauren outfit.

But why is Helena Bonham Carter on the cover of Vogue after all? Could it be because her movie alongside Johnny Depp isn’t doing so well, critics-wise? Or maybe because she has an Elizabeth Taylor movie scheduled for release soon? Either way, I’m really enjoying her stylish shoot.

Helena Bonham Carter Vogue UK July 2013 cover

A far cry from her crazy Vogue spread a couple of years ago (with her partner, the imaginative, over-talented Tim Burton, and for the unparalleled visual epic lenses of Tim Walker) this Mert and Marcus main pictorial is accompanying an honest interview about life and especially Helena’s ‘roaring forties’. She’s in her late 40s, if anyone asks, as she just celebrated her 47th anniversary on May 26th.

Helena Bonham Carter miniature hat Vogue UK July 2013

A Gemini. Makes sense. For her total lack of control on her creativity and honesty. I always thought Helena was just like the characters she likes to play: very professional and methodic in her approach but deeply original and exuberant. Joyful, passionate and sincere. An explosive combination for any age, not just for the 40s. All in all, everything points towards me owning this issue. A decision I made when I first laid my eyes on the cover. I even want to read the interview! No, scratch that! I want to devour the interview!

Helena Bonham Carter Vogue UK July 2013

This is what I should feel about every Vogue, at least for one of its numerous editions, once a month. But I don’t. two, maybe three issues/year, globally, I’d want to own. How about you? How do you feel about this issue and the rest…?

Helena Bonham Carter playful Vogue UK July 2013

Helena Bonham Carter Vogue UK Mert and Marcus pictorial


#1 Appollonia on 06.01.13 at 11:16 am

The Lone Ranger doesn’t do well? I am not surprised…..and not because of Helena……

I love Helena since A Room With A View. For a while she was “that costume film actress”. Like Keira Knightley
Since Kenneth Branagh dumped Helena she only did get better. Plus found a great partner ;)

Aww, I think her playing Elizabeth Taylor is going to be awesome. Seems films made for the small screen are getting better and better. As I am stoked to see Michael Douglas and Matt Damon in Behind the Candelabra I love to see Helena’s Elizabeth Taylor.

It’s a great photoshoot. But I do not like it really Helena is used ‘for The Ageless Issue’. I wish they would stop this ageism and every other ‘isms’…..

What I miss here is Helena’s quirkiness. I fully understand though a fan doesn’t care at all ;)

#2 Sandra Costa on 06.01.13 at 2:45 pm

omg, i love the fact she’s on the cover, she deserves it. before late than never!

also, i love the pictures. gonna send them to my Pinterest collection.

❤ xO!

#3 kpriss on 06.02.13 at 8:50 pm

Actually, Appollonia, while I was writing the piece, I was thinking about that mad Vogue UK spread she did years ago with her partner. And I felt it was way more representative and spectacular than this one. But for marketing issues, I’m certain, they had to polish her for this new pictorial. I like her this way as well, stands proof of her versatility. I think :-)

Sandra, thanks for reminding me, I will pin them as well, I so love the one with the polka dots veil <3!

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