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3 Important Style Rules From Lindsay Lohan’s Outfit Disaster:
{1} A bright, happy smile doesn’t save the outfit situation! More: we cannot turn and ignore the pure Fashion Disaster that Lindsay Lohan is putting... Read More

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Lindsay Lohan Incredibly Accurate Trash Portrait By Jason Mecier
You often read me say how disappointed I am of the new entertainment generation, of how alienating, disturbing and shallow much of it can be.... Read More

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Dreams Are Made Of: Hermes Birkin Bag, Apple Laptop, Chanel Chain Bag
You may have some idea about what “living the Hollywood dream” may be. But Lindsay Lohan is willing to break it…ahem Tweet it to us... Read More

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Lindsay Lohan & Grant Bowler As Liz & Dick. First Look!
How did this girl get so low? Li-Lo-w! She had such charming potential! Well… Here’s a first official look at Lindsay Lohan wearing all the... Read More

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Lindsay Lohan Looking Like Elizabeth Taylor. Not.
So this is what happens when you’re trying to glam up and live up to the expectations, huh, Lindsay? Although rumors were flying around saying... Read More

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Coachella, The Place To Be. Not
Hand on my heart, I love music and couldn’t live without it! Music festivals get my summer mood going and my creativity flowing. Sometimes. However,... Read More

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Lindsay Lohan, Blonde, With Fringe, Dressed In White
Lindsay Lohan is trying to convince us that her wild days are behind her now. And she’s doing that by changing her hair, wearing white... Read More

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The New Must Have Tattoo: Live Without Regrets
Lindsay Lohan who is more famous for her in and out of jail / court antics than her acting (which was, after all, what brought... Read More

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