How To Style Curly Hair With No Styling Tools!

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You know, I remember a time when I was completely panicked about my wavy frizzy hair! A time when frizz controlled me and not the other way around! Until I decided to liberate myself from the styling strain I was putting on my wavy, frizzy hair.

I gave away all my hair straighteners (girlfriends were all shocked! They all knew I couldn’t get by without using my iron straightener first thing in the morning. Some drank coffee in the morning, I was treating myself to a 130F hot iron double plate! Everybody’s gotta have a hobby – wink). I pretty much gave away everything that would straighten or de – frizz my hair.

From then on, it was a real journey with a happy ending: I learned how to love my hair and how to control it. And my life’s so much easier now! For starters? I can drink coffee in the morning, just like everyone else does! (wink)

Long story short: during my years of taming and learning how to live with my hair, I used a lot or hot rollers, cushioned rollers, bendy rollers, anything that’ll keep me away from a bad hair day all in being curly as well. And although I flirted with bobby pins for the rebel hairs that got away from the rollers strain, I never thought about straws! So here’s an infinitely easier, cheaper and so much less weird – looking way to curl your hair without using styling tools. Per se. Care to share any of your weird hair stories?

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