Top 5 Facts About Hair

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(maybe you know, maybe you don’t, either way, I found out about all these tips and tricks – and lots more – just doing some research about how to deal with my own hair) As you know already, I’m a frizzy haired girl. And although I’ve heard some people saying “oh, how I wish I had your hair!” over the years, let me tell you, it’s not a walk on the beach! And those of you out there, curly haired people, can testify to just that!

If I were to put together everything I know about curly hair, everything I found out over the years, I could easily write a paper with a pompous title like “the curly hair science”! (they should teach that in school. Where needed). I’m curious of nature and pretty much a self taught individual, because of my curiosity. And I gathered some very interesting facts about hair, over the years! If you’re as curious as I was, click through to find out more:

stars with curly natural hair

Now that you’ve made it so far, let’s break some of those (curly) hair myths:

{5} did you know that you “change” your hair, pretty much with every change of major season? Yeah, it’s basically the same phenomenon we notice with our pets: shedding the winter / summer coat happens to humans too. Oh, and in case you’re worried if it ever grows back – have you ever seen your pets without their hair?

hair brushing

{4} did you know that once the “split end” occurs, there’s no way to seal it back again? Yes, every product out there that’s claiming to seal split ends back together is a big, bottled illusion! It’s like trying to fix a broken nail – could you ever seal that split end? No, you just have to cut it! Well, it’s the same with hair!

with the hair stylist

{3} did you know that trimming your hair doesn’t make it grow faster? Regularly trimming your hair only keeps it healthy, it’s from the inside that the hair is growing, not from its ends (split ends go up on the hair, so if you don’t cut it before that happens, you’ll have to cut more just to eliminate the split end).

curly hair in fashion

{2} did you know that in order to keep it healthy, you have to keep your hair moisturized at all times? Basically, if your hair is dry, you have to envelop it in a protective (sometimes greasy) film which doesn’t allow it to lose any more inner moisture and keeps it (artificially) moisturized, on the outside.

natural hair wave

{1} did you know that you’re not supposed to cut curly hair like you cut straight hair? Curly hair’s particularity is its curl. Not all curls are equal, but one thing’s for sure: don’t expect your cut to style your hair but the other way around. Cut curly hair like the curl demands it: if you notice that your curls lose shape towards the end and don’t have the same loop as the previous, lose that end! It’s no longer good for your hair’s shape. In order to properly trim curly hair, forget wet haircuts – you have to see those curls to know where to cut!

Treat your hair with respect, don’t expect it to be something it’s not (i.e. don’t expect volume and waves from straight hair or shine and moisture from curly hair), try to do as your hair tells you to and you’ll be just fine. You and your God – given hair! (all the images were taken with consideration from here)

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