Morena Baccarin From Homeland To Vanity Fair Italia April 2013

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With Homeland’s third series filming season approaching (they resume filming this May), my eyes and ears keep picking up Homeland signals all over media. The latest: Morena Baccarin, she who stars in the series as Jessica Brody, wife of the on-off patriot Sgt Brody, was featured in a fashion spread in the Italian Vanity Fair, the April 2013 issue.

Morena, who is Brazilian born and who was raised and educated in the US (fun fact: she attended the same school as Claire Danes, they were schoolmates!) keeps starring in TV series but now is getting ready for a big screen movie in which she costarred with Joseph Fiennes: The Unholy). I’m actually happy she changed her usual sci-fi register and got the Homeland role – it suits her so much better! (you may remember Morena from the Firefly series or the recently-cancelled V)

Vanity Fair April 2013 Morena Baccarin

Did you notice how they styled and posed her so her Latino body heritage won’t show? Fashion is so much about smoke and mirrors that even after all these years, I’m still surprised by some clever style moves. Like Morena’s here. All her poses angles and clothes were planned as to not show Morena’s thighs or normal-sized body. Well done, guys! Well done! We should all eat cotton balls and paper tissues like that Vogue Australia ex-editor in chief wrote! (what? don’t tell me you didn’t heard about Kirstie Clement’s ‘The Vogue Factor’? Her tell-all book where she talks about what models eat -paper tissues and cotton balls and how everyone in fashion knows that but they just smile and catwalk on!)

Morena Baccarin Homeland Vanity Fair

Morena Baccarin Vanity Fair Italy pictorial

Morena Baccarin fashion pictorial Vanity Fair April 2013

Morena Baccarin Vanity Fair Italy April 2013

Morena Baccarin pictorial Vanity Fair Italy April 2013

Homeland s Morena Baccarin  Vanity Fair Italy Pictorial

Homeland s Morena Baccarin  Vanity Fair Italy Pictorial

Morena Baccarin Vanity Fair Italy April 2013 pictorial


#1 Sandra Costa on 04.08.13 at 6:42 pm

beautiful and very well produced!

#2 Appollonia on 04.09.13 at 3:34 am

OMG, she’s so beautiful in Homeland. She hurts my eyes when she looks up to Brody or the way she look at Mike….I want to hide somewhere when I see her on my huge screen….she’s so pretty in every way…

I remember a scene when Morena/Jessica and Brody goes off to a party all dressed up. Brody in his uniform and Jessica, petit on high heels and dressed to the nines showing themselves off to their kids asking: “how do we look?” The kids stare at their gorgeous parents for a moment and then daughter Dana says: “are we adopted?”……

Every man must turn their head when she pass by in jeans and just a shirt. Drop dead gorgeous!!!
She looks here like a overly photoshopped Teri Hatcher!!

What have they done to her?

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