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Call it a Sunday after hours, or a new Frizz series, this is another foray into the wonderful world of Pinterest, that nice little oasis of all things inspiring and beautiful I like to sink into few times a day.

As such, I’d like to share the inspiration and the wonderful finds by sharing 1 to 7 inspiring images, items, moments I came across on the great alleys of Pinterest. Today I started out with 7 because I wanted it to be a ‘Sunday after-hours’ more than a ‘kick-start Monday’ which I already did (by the way: how did you like ‘Soothe My Soul’?). Too much talk, let’s take a dip in the creative pool:

How do you feel about Feather Earrings? We talked about this kind of earrings before, here I am at it again, with a lovely pair of leather feather earrings from Love at First Blush. Fabulous handmade earrings designed by Sabrina Chin (one look at her designs was enough to leave me drooling… ahem dreaming about every single one of them! A girl after my own heart!)

leather feathered gold dipped earrings Sabrina Chin

And you know what would be a perfect match for the earrings above? The Chanel Guitar! Kitsch much? Definitely. The very essence of snobbery, the logo-ed anything! Perfectly rock’n’roll. Not. But I like it, in a devilish kind of way. I’m usually not one to destroy, but this is one guitar I’d be delighted to see it smashed on stage, in a rock-effusion! Yeah, baby! It’s only fashion, but I like it, like it, yes I do!

fashionable guitar Chanel

gorgeous linen blouse Pip Squeak Chapeau

And talking about ‘I like it, yes I do’: remember Pip-Squeak Chapeau? They make all those wonderfully crimpled linen clothing? I’d make so much room in my wardrobe for those! Take this item above for instance. Is it a turtleneck? Is it a blouse? I honestly have no idea what to call it, but I have some pretty neat ideas about how to wear it!

layered knitwear Ilaria Nistri

I know Summer is near, but don’t you just find knitwear absolutely enchanting? Knitwear is my winter’s linen. I could wear layers and layers of knitted beauties. As long as there’s a layer of cotton as well. Ilaria Nistri designed the pieces above after my heart!

Furoshiki how to

Furoshiki. Are you familiar with the concept? It’s my favorite present wrap as it serves two purposes. Three, actually: it wraps a present nicely and doubles as a picnic cover or as a scarf or as a carry-all. Which means it’s reusable, environment friendly and pretty unique. Furoshiki, the modern way, can be made of many fabrics as opposed to the traditional Japanese wrapping cloth which was only made of one type of cloth, hence the name translating by ‘bath spread’. Well, Furoshiki, my dahlings, is my latest obsession and here’s a nice way to wrap a bottle of wine (by yomissnicole on etsy) to present to a friends gathering on a friendly soiree. You can also wrap a bunch of cookies to go with that, in another furoshiki!

Summer Caftan Heather Lou

Caftans: summer is here, practically. What better beachwear, backyard wear, all around loungewear than a caftan? I so love the versatility of a caftan, I can’t help but daydream (read drool) all over a variety of caftans. Today it’s Heather Lou’s Caftantastic McCall’s 6552. A long and complicated code name for such an incredibly comfy piece of clothing!

Ice Cream Strawberry Cake Diethood

now something to sweeten up your new week: Diethood’s Strawberries&cream Ice Cream Cake. Sounds divine, doesn’t it? Especially made for hot summer days, with consideration for your silhouette, my dahlings! I’m planning on doing it soon, with minor tweaks (meaning – I’ll replace the store bought pound cake with home made), I’ll keep you posted when I do. Via Instagram, biensur.

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