Every Skinny Jeans Addict Should Try The New Skinny Skinny Jeans!

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Although I was waiting for the skinny jeans mania to be over seasons ago, it didn’t. Although I was hoping for the skinny jeans craze to naturally fade two years ago, it didn’t. It just went upwards in being even more popular, even more sold&bought. Even more hipster-ized! Women and men of all ages and physical-shapes wear skinny jeans regardless of their body frames not being recommended for skinny jeans.

But you can’t really put people in a certain ‘frame’. You can’t have people, as the Skinny Skinny ad from the American Eagle Outfitters said, ‘put in a box’. Because you can have them put in a can! In a skinny jeans spray can! Yep, you’re reading that right: jeans in a can: all you have to do is spray them on and you’re good to go. Not safe to look at, but hey! whatever suits your skinny fancy!

The New Skinny Skinny jeans

#aeoskinnyskinny : that’s what you should be looking for. Two signature washes (Indigo and Bright Light) for him and for her. No need to worry about the jeans fitting your curves right, your curves are your jeans!

I wouldn’t want to rain on your parade (because your jeans may wash out. Literally) but really? Spray-on jeans? Seriously? You don’t want to be put in a box but you might consider something that comes in a can? The Emperor’s New Clothes found a new official label!

the new revolutionary skinny jeans

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