Erin Wasson Maria Reiche Nazca Homage, Vogue Paris April 2013

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It’s not everyday that we get to see a true homage for a true geek in a true fashion magazine! Also, it’s not everyday that we get to see Birkenstock tongs or Hawaianas flip-flops in an haute fashion spread!

Erin Wasson’s pictorial in Vogue Paris April 2013 is my favorite (ever) pictorial with Erin and also one of the most beautiful stories from this Peru tribute issue. Les Lignes de Nazca – The lines from Nazca represent just what the titles is suggesting – a way of blending fashion and Nazca history in a most harmonious, linear, tasteful manner!

With a little help from Mario Testino’s artistic lenses and Anastasia Barbieri’s styling talents.

Vogue Paris Testino Nazca pictorial Erin Wasson

In who’s skin has Erin Wasson sneaked in this time? Maria Reiche – an incredibly passionate German mathematician&eminent scientific who studied the Nazca inscriptions with dedication and superhuman ambition. The pictorial, however, doesn’t show the results of Maria Reiche’s sustained investigations: the Nazca drawings, which are part of the Unesco World Heritage Patrimony since 1994, which she dusted off, studied and interpreted brilliantly during her lifelong research in the area. Instead, we’re freely granted access at a sanded, deeply yellow view with a very geek-chic looking Erin Wasson and a thoroughly eclectic wardrobe.

Erin Wasson Vogue Paris April 2013 pictorial

There’s not as much ‘gradeur et mystere’ in this pictorial – at least not like the article, written by Violaine Binet in this Vogue Paris issue wants us to paint Maria Reiche in. There’s a lot reminding about Maria’s unique craziness – as the locals used to call her ‘loca’. And I happen to like crazy attributes more than pretentious, elitist ones. They make me feel connected, they make that particular story feel real and palpable. What crazy connection would I ever have with – say – Anja Rubik frolicking on some concrete walls in some dust-forgotten rocky valley? This right here, Erin doing her best Maria Reiche impression – this was real! This was passionate! This was mindful, painful and insightful! This was life like we know it!

Vogue Paris Testino Nazca pictorial Erin Wasson

Erin Wasson Vogue Paris April 2013 pictorial by Testino

Erin Wasson Vogue Paris April 2013 Nazca pictorial

Vogue Paris April 2013 Erin Wasson by Mario Testino

Erin Wasson Maria Reiche homage Vogue Paris

Vogue Paris Maria Reiche Homage Erin Wasson

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