Levi’s Curve ID, The Perfectly Fitting Jeans?

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Now this is getting really fun: there’s another pair of perfect pants on the market! What’s with this quest for perfection? Isn’t anyone willing to make mistakes anymore? In fashion?

So Levi’s came out with this brilliant revolutionary idea called Levi’s Curve ID. Declined in three shapes the Slight Curve, the Demi Curve and the Bold Curve, the new skinny jeans are supposedly ready to fit every woman’s body type out there. $115 and the guarantee that your jeans are your true fit. I disagree with the skinny jeans aesthetic to start with, so I’m really not buying this. How about you? Do you really think this perfect pants story? The Gap version, now the Levi’s? which is which and which is witch (hunt)?

levi s curve id ad campaign diversity

The ad campaign was brilliantly conceived by Wieden+Kennedy who work with brands such as Nike or Tiffany’s. The entire approach of Levi’s new ID campaign is personal, like it would be providing the Holy Graal of fitting answers and searches. A young, fresh casting, an active, playful set of visuals for a product that seems to be actually working as I tried them myself and can funnily attest to that!

levi s ad campaign curve id go forth

The future only will tell us if the W+K campaign or the innovative concept proposed by Levi’s would have caught on with a large audience. You can weigh in and share your jeans-experience!

levi s ad campaign skinny curve id

levi s ad campaign straight curve id


#1 Ellington on 09.11.10 at 9:15 am

They look good and sound good in theory but of course the proof is in the trying on.
That is the only way to find out about jeans, which seem to be the bane of many women. Once you find a brand and style that suits you stick to it if you can. :)

#2 Adriana on 09.14.10 at 5:07 am

Oh why did I gave my Levi’s 405 (?) Cut For Girls to someone who throwed it away when I she didn’t like it them anymore and I wanted that pair back? None jeans have ever fit as good as those…:((

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