Katie Holmes Wears Slouchy Jeans As Skinny Jeans?

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Remember when we were constantly watching Katie Holmes’ style moves? Oh, those were the fun days! When Katie was playing with fashion, when Victoria Beckham was her personal stylist (and friend)! Something happened between the two, I wonder what…

Since Katie no longer has Victoria at her side, not only she considers herself a fashion designer (the exorbitant Holmes & Yang collections?) but she also thinks she’s a fashion icon. As such, she keeps wearing the latest trends. Only she gets them wrong.

Take this pair of jeans identified by the RCFA as being J Brand Slouchy Boy Jeans. Katie thought she could make a nice pair of above – the – ankle skinny jeans from a pair of slouchy jeans. Ouch! (there’s a poll after the picture)

Katie Holmes Jeans Slouchy or Skinny

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