The Smartest, Simplest Way To Identify The Perfect Jeans For You!

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When you can put the skinny jeans rage behind you and really embrace the diversity and the true comfort of denim, you’re readier than you’ve ever been to find the perfect pair of jeans for your body!

No label, no brand, no advertising will sell you that pair of jeans better than really listening to your body and its needs! If you’re uncertain about certain aspects of your stylish life, take a moment to read this story here to find out how to take out the hassle of trends and changing-fashion from your blessed life!

easiest smartest way to identify perfect fitting jeans

So what does your body tell you? The first thing that’s capital to anyone is comfort! Let’s discuss that!

how to identify the perfect jeans for your fit

1. Comfortable fit. Take out your jeans from your wardrobe, try them one by one and really, honestly, ask yourself if that pair of denim fits you comfortably for walking, dancing, driving, running and, generally, the everyday routine you trust your body with! Fold away every pair to which your answer is ‘no, it doesn’t feel comfortable!’. Put them away for a moment and focus on the remaining pairs.

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steps to identify the perfect jeans for your fit

2. Trusted fit For all the pair of jeans that are still unfolded, waiting for your decision, put them on in the morning, feel amazing, do all the wonderful things you have to do throughout your day and instead of taking them out at night, keep them. Just like you need to buy shoes in the evening, when your feet really need and appreciate comfort after a long day, your jeans too need to comfort and fit you with the same ease and assurance they did in the morning! Yes, even for the most bloated days, your jeans must fit you right! Always! If you identified the ones that don’t do that, fold them away!

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ways to identify the perfect jeans for your fit

3. Versatile fit Time is of the essence: always focus on garments that can pull double duties with grace! For those days when you don’t have time to change but your outfit needs to take you safely and stylishly from day-to-night, ask the versatility question: ‘do my jeans look just as good with flats/pumps/sandals/sneakers/boots?’ Fold away those who don’t pull double duties!

For those lucky enough to still have jeans standing after this questionnaire, feel free to jump around happily (and plan for shopping another pair of your trusted jeans, just in case!). For those who are left empty-handed at the end of the questionnaire, feel free to jump around happily too! You’re going shopping!

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However! Use what you learned above to find the right pair of jeans for you! Regardless of your body shape, your everyday routine, age or tastes, the above principles are universal and failproof! You can buy a pair in every cut you want – skinny, flare, wide leg, bootcut, boyfriend – but always know which is your perfect pair of jeans! And buy one in every color!

perfect fitting jeans buy in every color

the fabulous Jenny Taylored Boyfriend jeans from Velvet by Graham & Spencer are available here

My perfect pair of jeans is the Jenny Tailored Boyfriend by Velvet. I daydream about owning a pair. Two. All six! They came out winning through all the questionnaires and wear-tear tests, so I definitely recommend you try them. You might find out, just like me, that they’re the perfect jeans for you!


#1 Ellington on 10.25.14 at 9:59 am

I say once you find a brand and cut that works for you stick with them! Never mind the trends. Not everyone can and should wear skinny jeans. : )

#2 kpriss on 09.23.15 at 11:51 pm

exactly! Who makes the ‘trends’ anyway?

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