The New Fashion Books: 501 Jeans And Bikers Leather

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There are fashion books and then there are fashion books. Which do you like most? No, haven’t omitted anything in the phrase above: from one point on, all fashion books look the same. Just like all fashion magazines look the same. What sets them apart? Us. Our personal preferences and moods.

As such, I found two very interesting projects turned into books for our visual festin, seasoned with heavy fashion hearts, style seeds and a nice reality dressing. I’m sure there are many more out there, at least one for every taste and dressy conviction, but this selection is just as unique as you. Or me. And we just love one-of-a-kind fabulous finds, don’t we?

Urban, modern fashion with bikers and classic jeans. Who wouldn’t feel enriched by this visual experience?

new fashion books jeans leather

Although you may be inclined to believe that ‘Bikershot’ talks about the average biker and the usual biker leather jacket, Cedric Lefebvre’s collection of riders and their styles also allows us a narrow peak at their very personal lives. Through their bikes, Belgian photographer Cedric Lefebvre gets close to his subjects whether they know it or not. There’s no pretending that his book offers a comprehensive guide to the entire biker culture, but what is interesting for us, the fashion dimension included in this book knows no boundaries and is virtually limitless. Did you know that the significant cultural and social differences between Europe and the US are clearly reflected by the two continents’ respective bikers? It’s not all about horse power…

Bikershot Cedric Lefebvre

From bikers to Levi’s with just a twist of page: 501 photos with various instances of the legendary 501 Levi’s jeans. Street fashion, studio shots, 501 men and women showing us their ‘501 Interpretations‘. It’s amazing how denim has become such a huge part of our culture and a single pair of jeans is so versatile and unique at the same time. A challenge in itself the leather patched button fly jean that celebrated its 140th anniversary this year!

501 Levi s Interpretations

It may be hard to digest, wearing the same style over and over, but there’s the actual secret of personal style: wear the same clothes as everyone else but wear it differently. Make it yours, tame it and style it, wrinkle it and wash it, roll it and cut it, tear it and bleach it. Show your style and culture and remember that in the end, these are just the clothes on your back, you wear them, not the other way around.

This is my books selection. Books of style more than fashion, books of actual living and wearing. What’s your latest fashion books selection? Share and spread the word!

Levi s 501 book Interpretations

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