Scandalous Call Girl Inspired Burberry Fall 2013 Collection

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Inspiration comes from the most unexpected places but in the present case of Burberry Fall 2013 Collection, it comes from the most unexpected characters! Christopher Bailey admitted that he modeled his latest creations with a notorious call girl in mind!

Christine Keeler who was involved in several scandals used to intimately entertain notable political personalities back in the sixties. When exposed, her connections were instantly publicly disgraced while Christine Keeler herself became instantly famous. Being – as I said – nothing but a promiscuous call girl who transformed into a notorious it girl. Whether this Burberry Prorsum Fall 2013 collection reminds you of her (had you known details about her and ways previous to this Fashion Show) or not, it remains to be seen – hit the jump to discuss the clothes for a moment!

Burberry Fall 2013 collection inspired by Christine Keeler

I admit, I was completely unaware of the Keeler call girl before Christopher Bailey mentioned her yesterday. It happened before ‘my time’ and I have the feeling many of our contemporary fashion loving individual may be in the same style fog as I was when I initiated my modest investigation. All with the best fashion intentions in mind, biensur!

wear ruby for fall Burberry Fall 2013 collection

Your average Burberry trench coat was updated with latex inserts, metal appliqués and animal print motifs. The shoes were downgraded to kitten heel wedges and while everyone can still feel scandalized or incited by Bailey’s unconventional inspiration source, I don’t see much from the Keeler affair in this proposed wardrobe. Except if we’re to take it metaphorically and conclude that today’s it girls may have less immaculate backgrounds and lesser glamorous origins.

wear leopard print for fall Burberry Fall 2013 collection

Sure, I can easily discern the sixties silhouettes and retro shapes, but from here to actually tying them to a call girl? Not really. Can you point the finger and say what exactly, from this collection, would the infamous Christine actually have worn? Maybe someone will actually walk up to her door and ask her? (images via theage, style )

trends Fall 2013 Burberry collection

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#1 Appollonia on 02.19.13 at 12:07 pm

Anyone remember who did pull off a great ‘Christine Keeler’ as a sort of atonement? And she did it so very well. Come on, this is so easy ;)

A high class call girl usually looks chic. Even being naked. Or that’s the way it used to be the case…..

Since many years I am so over with the animal print and now the sheer look.
I like some pieces of this collection but I am not really impressed.

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