Dare To Wear Rodarte Fall 2013 Barb Wire Jewelry?

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Now that the shoes are out of the way (for the time being at least), I can finally talk about something else I noticed during the Fall 2013 Fashion Week: the Rodarte Jewelry!

And what a set of jewelry! Barb wire necklaces, barb wire earrings, barb wire bracelets, barb wire headbands, barb wire belts. Anything barb wire jewelry, you’ll find it chez Rodarte! It’s not the Mulleavy’s sisters first foray into the bling field but they sure are the edgiest so far!

Rodarte Fall 2013 barb wire jewelry

But then again, there’s always a secret edge to Rodarte’s collections. Think of them as layered fashion. Peel a layer or two and you get to the best part: that was the feeling I got when I saw the Rodarte Fall 2013 collection. I wasn’t impressed with it at first sight, then I started sinking into the details and then bam! It hit me: it’s a more polished collection, true, but still the ‘dare to wear’ kind of collection.

Rodarte Fall 2013 barb wire earrings necklace

While barb wire artisanal jewelry is really abundant on ecommerce sites like etsy or on more specific market targeting some boudoir eccentricities, this is your chance to make it haute couture. Or just go around the mainstream and stick with the handmade kind: your dare – call. So tell me: would you wear the Rodarte Barb Wire Jewelry? (images styledotcom)

Barb Wire necklaces Rodarte

Rodarte Fall 2013 barb wire bracelets

Barb wire headband Rodarte Fall 2013

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