Taylor Swift’s Cleavage, White Kaufmanfranco Dress, 40 Principales Awards Spain

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Not a day without Taylor Swift! If yesterday we talked about her blond tresses getting even longer for Disney’s Rapunzel portrait situation, today we get to focus on yet another part of Taylor Swift’s body: her cleavage.

Remember that Donna Karan dress she was wearing at the Golden Globes this year? I wasn’t impressed with it, but that didn’t stop people from incessantly talking about it, and more specifically about a certain curves enhancement Miss Taylor might have had. Since then, there was no official report about the alleged Taylor Swift plastic surgery everyone seems to be talking about.

Taylor Swift dress 40 Principales Awards Spain

However, when Taylor attended an awards show in Spain yesterday (The 40 Principales Awards), her cleavage became the new lip – synching storm story. Nobody cares anymore if Beyonce really performed at the Inauguration on Monday, they all want to know if Taylor Swift had plastic surgery or not!

Taylor Swift plastic surgery true or not

Judging from the images of young Miss Taylor in her Kaufman Franco dress (from the label’s Spring Summer 2013 collection), I’d say she didn’t (have plastic surgery. Or at least not the kind everyone’s talking about right now.) What do you say? (images Carlos Alvarez, Getty; kaufmanfranco)

Taylor Swift Louboutin sandals KaufmanFranco white mini dress Spain

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#1 Trix on 01.25.13 at 12:35 am

IF she has had plastic surgery it’s not the in-your-face-I-just-got-an-FF-cup-enhancement kind. It’d just be a modest enhancement that goes very well with her body type.
The difference isn’t drastic compared to previous pictures of her and a good bra can easily make you look a cup fuller than before. So I completely agree with you, I don’t think she’s had them done either.
But let’s say she has for argument’s sake – at the end of the day, she’s still miles better a teen idol than Lindsay LS|) Lohan or Kim se*-tape K!

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