Taylor Swift Is Disney’s Rapunzel In New Leibovitz Photo

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It’s been a while since we last talked about Annie Leibovitz and Disney! Today, it’s Rapunzel time! Taylor Swift may have lost her Golden Globe to Adele, but she sure won some Disney Dream Portraits time with the wonderfully epic Annie Leibovitz and the Disney team (check out the video after the jump).

What? Azealia Banks was the Rapunzel you had in mind? Yeah, well, as much as she likes to call herself the “young Rapunzel’, you gotta keep it in Disney’s classic themes. And as such, Taylor Swift sure makes a perfect Rapunzel. What do you think of her new golden extensions? Sure, they’re computer enhanced, as you’ll see it from the video after the jump, but what isn’t, nowadays?

Taylor Swift Disney Rapunzel

Can I just make one observation? As much as I think Annie Leibovitz made her stunning job in bringing Disney’s classic character to photo – life, I really, really, really liked Tangled’s Rapunzel more than I like Taylor Swift’s Rapunzel!

Taylor Swift Rapunzel new Disney Dream Portrait

Taylor Swift Disney's Rapunzel in new Portrait by Annie Leibovitz

Disney Rapunzel Tangled

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