Megan Fox Is Back: Marie Claire UK March 2013

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Remember when everyone was complaining and whining about Megan Fox appearance in Vanity Fair’s Jude Apatow special guest edited issue? And about her deja – vu, cheesy pictures? I bet you’re having second thoughts about that now, huh?

Megan Fox is back. And she’s taking is slow, one magazine cover at the time. But you know she’ll get to world domination soon enough. Now it only depends on us: are we going to allow her comedian breakthrough? (I admit, I haven’t seen ‘This is 40’ yet, so I actually have no idea if she’s any good at being funny, but I do admire her for trying – at least she has aspirations and she’s not just ‘the Transformers girl’ anymore)

Back to the UK Marie Claire March 2013 issue now: Megan Fox, as we all remember her, as photographed by Matt Jones.

Megan Fox in white Marie Claire UK

There’s no particular art in these pictures, but then again what would you expect from Marie Claire? It’s not like it’s trying to surpass Vogue! Not that Megan would be Vogue material to begin with!

Megan Fox stunning portrait Marie Claire UK

But you know, I was thinking – she’s not that bad either. For fashion magazines & movies, Megan Fox is quite the spectacular view! Plastic surgery or not, she’s clearly way more appealing that the average! And as far as I’m concerned, I’m willing to give her that comedy second chance! You?

Marie Claire UK Megan Fox pictorial

Megan Fox Marie Claire UK March 2013

Megan Fox Marie Claire UK March 2013 cover

Megan Fox red dress Marie Claire pictorial

Marie Claire UK March 2013 Megan Fox

Marie Claire UK cover Megan Fox

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