Rainy Day Office Casual Outfit Inspired By Victoria Beckham

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I was looking at Victoria Beckham the other day – when we talked about her Elle cover, I got to see more of her casual – ness around town. And given that London is usually a very sunny city (yeah, right!), I got to see one of Victoria’s rainy days outfits. And it was far from being dull or rubbery. Au contraire, it was very casual but smart, very comfy and relaxed but also deeply stylish and simple.

And given that it’s been a while since our last Outfit of the Day talk (and also because I really liked Victoria’s outfit and is very much on my style alley), I thought it would be a good moment to get some wardrobe inspiration.

Actually, you know what Victoria was doing all dressed up like that? She was working! And picking up her boy Cruz, grabbing a byte to eat too. If Victoria Beckham can dress like that for all kinds of errands around town, I see no reason why we couldn’t. What do you think about this really simple rainy day office / casual outfit? (as always, you can visit StyleFrizz polyvore sets here for more detailed information about the items included in this outfit proposition)

casual rainy day outfit inspired by Victoria Beckham

rainy day office look inspired by Victoria Beckham

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