Most Fashionable Sandals: Birkenstocks!

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While doing my daily rounds on the fashion interwebs, I came across a very interesting piece of news: Garance Dore loves Birkenstocks!

More: she even penned a Birkenstock Love Letter to show her appreciation for the German – made comfy footwear! And that, my dahlings, coupled with the numerous Birkenstock sightings I’ve been reporting about, will definitely mark the return of the Birkenstock Sandals! I’m expecting a Birkenstock feature in Vogue soon!

Kate Moss Birkenstock Sandals

Oh, wait: Birkenstocks have seen the pages of Vogue already! And even on the catwalk! And if Kate Moss made them so popular back in the early 90s with a little help from Corinne Day’s lenses, now we get to see them worn by the likes of Miranda Kerr (in Vogue), style icon extraordinaire Alexa Chung and uber-bombshell Gisele Bundchen (and oh-so-many others).

Kate Moss by Corinne Bay Birkenstock 1990

Here’s a selection with some of my favorite Birkenstocks – among them Gizeh and my all-time favorite, the Yara sandals:

Honestly: if you were to choose, deep down from the bottom of your heart, would you honestly spend all your day, every day in towering high heels? If you’re tempted to say yes, just think of that moment when you get home, take off your shoes and your feet touch the carpeted/wooden floors.. Isn’t that a wonderful connection?

Miranda Kerr sandals Birkenstock Vogue

Think of the moment your feet touch the green grass in the summer and then think about high heels again! Because each time I wear Birkenstock sandals, I feel barefoot on the freshly cut lawn of my imagination. On the warm wood of my living room, on the fluffy carpet of my bedroom. And I wouldn’t trade that for any high heel. For any new trend, any fancy fashion.

Alexa Chung sandals Birkenstock Arizona

And seeing Birkenstocks in Vogue is a sure sign that we’re all humans and we all recharge at the same wellbeing source. At home. Grounded.

Let all the snobs do what they know best: snob. We’ll do what we know best: love!

Gisele Bundchen sandals Birkenstock Arizona

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#1 Riana on 11.15.12 at 7:36 am

Aww, lovely photos of young Kate! On paparazzi photos she still looks like the one on the right. :)
I wonder of late if she had a nose job. As Naomi also had? And who knows who else more had one?

I’m sorry…so off topic…this is about Garance Dore and Birkenstocks!! Whatever other people say dear Kpriss: I love them around the house since some years. I don’t need Vogue or Elle or Garance or whoever to say it’s right or wrong to love Birkies. I once thought the same thing. But my feet LOVES Birkies and my feet can be so demanding.

They won’t ever go off the market or it has to be the economy that will kill the sales. They are around for so very long yet! Way before fashion did spot them. Wasn’t it Heidi Klum our own fashion Brunhilde whom made ‘fashionable’? (As Pamele Anderson did with Uggs?)

I own two pairs of toe Birkies for summer but I am seriously thinking of these ones. One size bigger and wear them with very thick pure wool socks in winter time at home. Ugly but so comfy. :P

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