Random Fashion Fact Of The Day: Glitter Makes Fabulous

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You remember my pink coming out? When I just laid all my fashion honesty cards on the table and said I’m definitely a pink kind of girl? Well, I also slipped a reasonable doubt in there somewhere, speculating on glitter.

I keep seeing glitter everywhere! And where there’s no glitter, there’s definitely a good place to place glitter, if you catch my drift! But while I still keep my glitter – self in the closet, braver people are out there, taking care of the daily glitter needs of the world!

Hence this Random Fashion Fact of the Day: a street encounter in an average San Francisco urban sequence. An emergency glitter box, my dahlings! With the encryption ‘Break in case of Fabulous’! Isn’t this the most amazing thing you’ve seen in days? (spotted here)

glitter emergency

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