Rachel Zoe Styled Miley Cyrus For Cosmopolitan March 2013

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Who reads Cosmo nowadays? Because I was sincerely hesitant about writing this piece! Cosmopolitan’s Miley Cyrus covers and associated pictorial could really of no interest whatsoever. Except there was something about Miley’s Cosmo I liked.

That’s even harder to say / believe than saying / believing that I would read Cosmo! But I really liked how Rachel Zoe styled her famous client for Matthias Vriens-McGrath’s Cosmo photo session. Something real. Something edgy but real.

Miley Cyrus edgy Cosmopolitan March 2013

Sure she’s daring, sure she’s teasing with her cleavage and platinum blond crop, but if we look deep down inside, at the end of the day Miley is just playing games. Not the Disney type anymore, but still games. She’s at (correct me if I’m wrong) second or third boyfriend to whom she’s also engaged to be married (could be married already as far as we know) and she’s still being labeled as ‘libertine’ or worse.

Miley Cyrus Cosmopolitan March 2013 revealing cover

At the other end of the spectrum, Taylor Swift, whose angelic waves and crystal clear blue eyes keep receiving as many awards as compliments, is at her … who’s counting anymore? she’s changing boyfriends faster than some change socks! Yet, Taylor is a Saint. Taylor is sheer perfection and she’s constantly providing an endless source of inspiration and creativity. Now let me hear you say that Miley is faking? Anyone? Hmm. I thought so!

Miley Cyrus sheer Marc Jacobs ensemble

(oh, and just for the record? her sheer soft blue ensemble from Marc Jacobs? I. love. every. thing. about. it!)

Miley Cyrus sheer top bra Cosmo

Miley Cyrus Cosmo photo session


#1 Trix on 02.01.13 at 6:21 am

She looks brilliant in the first pic! Good on her for looking and acting how she wants. No one can please everyone so you may as well do the things that make you feel good about yourself! She oozes confidence and freedom. Love her.

#2 Appollonia on 02.01.13 at 8:31 am

I agree! :)

I like also like the Marc Jacobs ensemble on Miley.

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