Meghan Collison’s Mulberry Spring 2013 Campaign Is Fantastic!

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And that’s mainly because Tim Walker shot it! Don’t you just love Tim Walker’s work? Almost every one of his pictorial is like a walk in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory! There’s so much fashion sweetness and style goodness, I sometimes can’t resist!

Teaming up with Mulberry was really a stroke of genius. Fashion – wise and everything – else wise. The dreamy sets, the fantastic perspective – it’s definitely something that appeals to me. Even if it’s not all pink and glitter (wink)!

Let’s take a look at the beautiful Meghan Collison wearing some Mulberry goodies in their Spring Summer 2013 ad campaign!

Meghan Collison Mulberry Spring 2013 campaign

You know what Mulberry director, Ronnie Cooke Newhouse said about this campaign’s setting? That it was a ‘kind of lunar landscape below the sea’. How incredibly fairy tale-ish is that? If Ariel is real, she’ll surely wear Mulberry this season! Nothing against Meghan, but she looks more like Snow White than Ariel, the Little Mermaid! I guess you can’t have it all, huh? (wink)

Meghan Collison Mulberry Spring 2013 campaign by Tim Walker

Meghan Collison underwater Mulberry Spring 2013 campaign

Meghan Collison Mulberry bag Spring 2013 ad

Meghan Collison Mulberry Spring campaign Meghan Collison ethereal Mulberry Spring 2013 campaign


#1 ana on 01.04.13 at 12:02 pm

Do you know if that toffee bag in the first picture is made of real elephant skin? or just patterned leather?
I read that in EUA is not too difficult to find the real thing at an affordable price.

#2 kpriss on 01.05.13 at 10:25 am

oh, ana! I wish you hadn’t mentioned elephant skin! I think I’m stuck with that image now – an elephant arm candy.. I have this ‘meat & skin’ sensitivity right now that I hope to keep under control or else everybody’ll be eating carrots & celery for an indefinite period of time :))

#3 kpriss on 01.05.13 at 10:26 am

really? elephant skin? oh, I feel so out – of – fashion!

#4 Appollionia on 01.05.13 at 11:40 am

Oh, why not? First they steel these great creatures ivory teeth and now their skin….let’s kill them all!

What’s EUA? I googled and found a lot of options none I couldn’t relate to this? Thanks on beforehand.

#5 ana on 01.06.13 at 2:56 am

Sorry ,I didnt mean to offend. I understand that the topic may be controversial but I was assured the skin is only from animals who died from natural causes (including from all the zoos around the world) and never from hunting. It is why the offer is so reduced.
EUA, is how we spaniards say ” los Estados Unidos de America”, USA,sorry sometimes my mind flies.

#6 Appollonia on 01.06.13 at 10:48 am

Wasn’t King Juan, the honourable king of Spain, caught hunting elephants last year? He even posed with a killed beauty.

Do not feel offended ana it’s nothing personal. Our royals also loves a good hunt. The whole European royal clique does. Including the UK ‘s and their aristocracy.
They all love the continent Africa. The countries without wars of course where it’s safe to hunt innocent creatures. Guess their “trophies” do not end up at Mulberry? The bags does! ;)

#7 Appollonia on 01.06.13 at 10:55 am

Pfff…the bags ends at up the arms of these so called royal women and aristocrats and not to forget the celebrities.
The confusion of Babel…….

Yes, cute looking campaign….

#8 ana on 01.06.13 at 4:01 pm

No Appolonia,darling, I am not offended at all. You are right. I am offended by the hunting!
In the late 90ies I purchased a small luggage bag (from the 60ies) in a thrift store( I absolutely loved the hue of gray and the texture) only to learn later that was made of elephant skin ( well, I had never seem or read about it before).
I was so ashamed because I always thought it was a forbidden article. I still have it in the closet. Cant throw it away, but can´t wear it either.
I know that you can actually get small objects made by order at Hermes and Fendi so yes, there is a market for it.The mega rich always get their way…

#9 Appollonia on 01.08.13 at 11:11 am

Hola Ana! Yes, I know what’s possible for the mega rich…..such things are published by many critical journalists. It’s like people chose to be deaf and keep on going to worship this all….sighs…

Don’t be ashamed about your bag. Here’s a confession. Far worse. I bought a back in the ’80’s. Perfectly handmade. I should dig it up to find the brand’s name. The shame though is that this is bag is made of the skin of a boa.
One day we visited a reptile museum. The first thing I saw was a huge boa……my then BF look on his face was like: “how do you feel now?”. I felt miserable girl and tried to hide my bag!!. Our whole trip through the museum I fell ashamed. That was so uncomfortable. Needless to say that the bag is banned since then. I like snakes and played with the non-dangerous younger examples.

That’s really far more shameful than your bag. I knew what the skin was….young and foolish is a weak excuse certainly in my case. Since I was so aware of what was wrong about all sort of things……..

#10 ana on 01.08.13 at 3:24 pm

well, at least we learned from our mistakes…

#11 Appollonia on 01.10.13 at 1:16 pm


No fur from the thrift store anymore either since the ’80’s. All gone.

* I purchased a bag in the ’80’s* –

trying to learn from other mistakes as well ;)

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