Arizona Muse’s Haircut, Still Fashionable!

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A couple of years have passed since Arizona Muse has become a must in almost every high profile fashion show or ad campaign. And although her boy-ish look and short hair didn’t promise more than a one – season – flavor kind of thing, Arizona is still here. Still going strong. Still wearing her short hair!

And you know when I was intrigued the most about her hair and about what the fashpopulation thinks about hair like that? When I read somewhere some ‘fancy’ line saying that Arizona popped out of nowhere with her mom – hair and why was she stealing all the attention, anyway?

Mom – hair? Mom Hair!? What is that, anyway? Since when is any kind of hair labeled mom – hair? I can only imagine the fashpopulation’s stupefaction when Daria cut her hair into a mom – shaped hair as well!

Arizona Muse shorter hair new ad campaign

Sure, as opposed to Arizona Muse’s hair, which is loosely curly, Daria’s hair just seems uneven and unsettled. That’s what I love the most about curly-ish hair – you don’t even need fancy styling if you treat your curls with respect! They’ll just return that respect all around your face and keep the loveliness bouncing!

Arizona Muse hair ad campaign Spring 2013

Back to Arizona – the images you see here come from her latest advertorial doing – for Piece d’Anarchive Spring Summer 2013. Photographed by Paolo Roversi in black and white, it almost makes it into the artsy chapter, away from the usual commercial flavor of ad campaigns. Despite her mom – hair! Pffff!

Arizona Muse haircut still fashionable Spring 2013

Arizona Muse haircut new ad campaign

Piece d Anarchive ad campaign Arizona Muse Arizona Muse Spring 2013 Piece d Anarchive ad campaign Arizona Muse Piece d Anarchive Spring 2013 ad campaign

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