Urban Outfitters Outfits Disney’s Princesses

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We all loved Disney’s Princesses. We grew up with them, our children love them too and I do believe it’s one of those never ending love stories!

As such, I’m sure our beloved Princesses could benefit from a wardrobe update. With the kind of clothes you’d get from Urban Outfitters. Fashionistas up to their teeth, really! They should start a personal style blog any day now! (wink)

Disney Princesses wardrobe update

What I really do appreciate about these drawings – beyond their fashion/reality quota – is that Viktoria, the proud, very talented author of these drawings, chose to maintain the original colors palette used for each and every one of the princesses all in illustrating her (teenage) perception of them.

Disney Princesses in casual clothes Cinderella Pocahontas Viria13

That alone shows a great deal of respect for the traditions and the value of the legends we all love and carry on, year after year, generation after generation. Yes, I do agree some fairy tale details would be better off tweaked and twisted, but in the spirit of the inherited customs, some stories are better left unchanged.

Disney Princesses in casual clothes Snow White Ariel  Viria13

However, that is not to say that I dislike variations on the Princesses topic. Like changing their clothes or, why not, their palace/homes. It’s nice to know that Viktoria initially thought about turning our beloved princesses into Hipster Princesses. But then again, as the term itself has a wide, imprecise and highly subjective definition, she preferred the ‘Fashion Princesses’ name. Which is way better, in my opinion.

Disney Princesses in casual clothes Jasmine Tiana  Viria13

12 fantastic young ladies, all charming and inspiring in their own right have us all thinking about another interesting concept: what if they were living today. Would they still be as as determined, driven and as courageous? Would they be actually wearing Urban Outfitters clothing? Here’s the livestreaming recording of the drawing process (technically half of it) should you be interested in watching…

Disney Princesses in casual clothes Mulan Rapunzel viria13

Fashion Princesses in casual clothes viria13

Fashion Princesses in casual clothes Anastasia Aurora viria13


#1 Ellington on 02.03.12 at 6:27 pm

This is rather cute. : )

#2 Amy on 11.10.12 at 8:57 pm

… Anastasia isn’t part of Disney. The movie was made by Fox and Disney had nothing to do with it…

#3 Becca on 03.16.13 at 8:07 pm

Amy, that’s exactly what I said to myself as I looked at this.
But they are all pretty cute.

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