How Lovely Is Emma Stone’s Glamour UK February 2013?

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I started talking about Zoe Saldana earlier, one of my favorite actresses today. How about Emma Stone? I wouldn’t leave her out for 2013, now would I? Now after saying again and again, in 2012, how talented, lovely and down to earth she is!

Emma Stone is on the cover of Glamour UK February 2013. In a weird – ish pose, but I try to only concentrate on her smile and forget about the bending over thingie. It must be really hard to come up with an original cover, huh?

Emma Stone Glamour UK February 2013 cover

Photographed by Matthias Vriens – McGarth, Emma looks her usual funny girl part but the inside interview is even more revealing (although I’m continuously surprised by how many new and never – before asked questions can be found in interviews with the same person, over and over again, in less than a year time, especially when they’re all trying to revolve around Ryan Gosling. With whom Emma starred in two films already).

simple styling Emma Stone Glamour UK February 2013

Did you know that Emma Stone has a longing to write? Yes, like in scripts? Which sounds like a genuinely passionate thing to do for an actor who thinks of journalism as her backup plan. If everything – acting fails.

But it shall not. Not for lovely, talented Emma Stone! True?

Emma Stone Glamour UK February 2013

Emma Stone s perfect style

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