i-D Lara Stone, Karlie Kloss, Joan Smalls & More, Spring 2013

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i-D magazine still believes in the multi covers magic and keeps on practicing their art to perfection with each new issue. This time, we get to see another side of Joan Smalls, much different (in better) from the ultra-polished Vogue Russia we talked about earlier but also the same provocative side of Lara Stone sans her mid-section, currently occupied with growing a baby.

Karlie Kloss and her still-fresh hairchop, Amra Cerkezovic, the new punk must have model in town (that I really favor instead of the likes of Cara and Edie) and Reuben Ramacher in what looks like a dress. There’s no telling if more covers follow these first five of i-D’s ‘Ask Me!Spring 2013 issue, but what’s certain is that the multi-choice might just be what’s working in i-D’s favor as not all covers are created equal and certainly not all fashion people are equally appreciative of everything/anything they find on the newsstand.

Lara Karlie Joan Reuben Amra i D Spring 2013 cover

Each cover has its own story and its own photographer. Take Reuben for instance, he’s the strangely ambivalent work of Hedi Slimane. Karlie and Amra were photographed by Matt Jones (maybe that’s why they’re looking both so fresh and positive), Joan Smalls by Mikael Jansson while Lara Stone was Tyrone Lebon’s first cover. Which prompted his father, Dave Baby, to show indelible support by inking a giant tattoo of Lara Stone’s upper body sans clothes on his body’s left side.

Lara Stone i D Spring 2013 pictorial

Lara Stone i D Spring 2013 head on a platter

Lara Stone tattoo inspired by i D Spring 2013 pictorial

Amra Cerkezovic i D Magazine Spring 2013 pictorial

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