Emma Watson Vs Heidi Klum, Marie Claire February 2013 Cover Stars

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Now that’s interesting – something I haven’t labeled Marie Claire with since that prettier than life Angelina Jolie pictorial (to freshen up your memory, head – on here to see it). Marie Claire US February 2013 chose Heidi Klum as cover star and Marie Claire UK February 2013 went for Emma Watson!

Let’s put them side by side and try a comparison. Just kidding – I won’t compare them, they’re larger than life in their own rights so other than gracing the same month’s Marie Claire cover (but in different editions), I wouldn’t have much to say about the ‘comparing’ matter. (hit the jump for more or click here for the gallery!)

Emma Watson Heidi Klum Marie Claire February 2013

Emma Watson, post Harry Potter. Isn’t that an interesting, original approach? Growing up, yes, but under permanent media scrutiny doesn’t leave much for the surprise element. However, at 22yo, Emma returns to Brown University to continue her studies although I’m sure she’s been bitten by the acting bug deep and hard and every time the opportunity will present itself, Emma will take yet another hiatus year to complete yet another movie.

Emma Watson Marie Claire UK February 2013 cover

Her latest, The Perks of Being a Wallflower could very well snatch a few awards in the upcoming Movie Awards Season! Not to mention ‘The Bling Ring’, a Sofia Coppola movie ready to be released sometimes this summer. After all, you don’t get a fashion magazine cover (not even for Marie Claire) unless you’re either releasing or getting heavy media coverage for one of your movies / albums.

Emma Watson lbd Marie Claire UK February 2013

Which brings us to Heidi Klum and her Marie Claire US February 2013 cover: why would it be interesting? Because it her first big interview in a Fashion Magazine since her divorce, and the media keeps focusing on what she’s revealing about her intimate life in the said interview (namely that she won’t get married again or that it’s good to spice thing up in the bedroom).

Heidi Klum Marie Claire US February 2013 cover

Despite of it being one of the most unexpected and high profile separations in Hollywood in the past year, Heidi Klum and Seal’s divorce has been eminently discreet and quiet. Which is something I really appreciate from both of them. Heidi continued her work in Television (Project Runway’s 11 season premiere is set for January 24) and her design projects as well (she recently added more items to her BabiesRus collection but other than that, not even her behind – the – scenes video wasn’t clear on other matters outside an inexplicable obsession with Big Mac and Fries…

Heidi Klum Marie Claire February 2013

Heidi Klum new photos Marie Claire US February 2013

Emma Watson Marie Claire UK Emma Watson lovely new photo for Marie Claire UK Emma Watson Marie Claire UK pictorial


#1 Appollonia on 01.08.13 at 11:18 am

Saw her on tv some minutes ago. Ms Klum eats everything! She loves food. But also hamburgers, fried fries and beer. She loves chocolate and cupcakes, what not? Ja, ja…..

#2 ana on 01.08.13 at 3:27 pm

Emma totally rocks in this look. Better than the demure look she is so used to wear.
Dont get me wrong, demure is fine but not every day at such young age.

#3 Ellington on 01.09.13 at 9:54 am

I really like and admire Heidi Klum, I think it is nifty she loves to eat and is not afraid to! Emma Watson not so much as I am not a big HP fan. They both look good though.

#4 Appollonia on 01.10.13 at 1:21 pm

Ellington, my comment was meant to be ironic. Maybe she does eat that stuff now and then… I wonder why these people always need to inform us they actually eat?

#5 Ellington on 01.10.13 at 9:29 pm

I think that they tell us that the eat to dispel the idea that they do not because they are models. Some people are just naturally thin, some have very fast metabolisms, we are all different and unless one is unhealthy in their eating habits, either over eating or under eating then we should just let them be. : )

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