Scarlett Johansson: From The Black Widow To Marie Claire May 2013

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Although she can be so much more than another chapter in the Avengers book, Scarlett Johansson seems to be lost in (acting) translation. I actually enjoyed her part in Hitchcock more than I enjoyed her Natasha Romanoff Marvel daring adventures.

(can’t believe I said that, after all the years I hoped for something more other than pouts and seductive poses from ScarJo!) Marie Claire’s May 2013 issue brings out the old Scarlett from her Black Widow hiding and hints at the Lost in Translation days with a pictorial signed by Txema Yeste.

Scarlett Johansson Marie Claire May 2013 cover

But Scarlett is doing more than just starting filming the new Captain America episode: she’s also part of a Broadway representation of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and she released a Tom Waits covers album. Also a walking, talking cliché (her pictorial is called ‘Lady in Red’) people keep marveling at and about, about her spontaneity and wonderfulness. About her old-school charm and new-school talent. I’m always surprised at the magazine columns authors ability to rewrite the same thing over and over again, in a new form, for a new occasion. Aren’t you? Every new man is a new, amazing opportunity to re-write history. Every new movie is a never-before-seen occasion to re-interpret past stories.

Scarlett Johansson Marie Claire pictorial

oh, and also: am I the only one who feels ever-tired of the swim bodies titles from pre-summer magazine covers? Just like re-writing the old in a new way, we’re always ready to believe we can re-invent the summer beachwear in a new and stunning shape.

Scarlett Johansson Marie Claire pictorial by Txema Yeste

Scarlett Johansson Marie Claire May 2013

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