Kate Upton Sam Edelman Ad Campaign: Cleavage And Ballet Flats

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Sam Edelman is planning to take over the world. And he’s not planning on doing that one shoe at the time! No, the expansion includes all kinds of apparel and accessories. Because… well, a girl can’t wear her shoes only, she has to put some clothes and accessories on also. So why not make it Sam Edelman’s business to offer it all?

And because they’re not going for half measures, like I just said, they hired the new buzz – girl to advertise with: Kate Upton. Wait, it gets better!

Kate Upton Sam Edelman campaign cleavage and ballet flats

And you know why they hired this ‘indie girl’? Because ‘she isn’t stick thin. She’s beautiful and all – American.’ Now, if I were Charlotte Kemp Muhl, who used to advertise for Sam Edelman before the new flavor in town was hired, I would definitely feel offended by these ‘stick thin’ allegations. But I ain’t no Charlotte Kemp Muhl, so…

Kate Upton shows her legs in Sam Edelman campaign

…let’s get to the actual campaign: how do you like the air and the black and white elegance meant to exude from these shots? I honestly admit that my focus is mainly on Kate’s décolleté than on Sam Edelman’s shoes. But then again, I guess a worldwide expansion is not easy to pull with just high heels and ballet flats…

Kate Upton Sam Edelman ad campaign

Kate Upton Sam Edelman campaign

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