Must Have: Vanity Fair January 2013 All Star Comedy Issue

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I think something happened to me this month: I keep seeing magazines I really would want to hold and to have. In paper! That’s something unprecedented in the last… umm.. 20 years! (can’t believe I’m saying that. Out loud! Oh well)

And I’m also having my heart set on guest edited magazines issues, I’m sure that’s not a coincidence either! Vanity Fair January 2013 issue was guest edited by Judd Apatow and it is – as you may guess it – a special comedy issue. The photos were brilliantly executed by Mark Selinger and as far as the cast goes… Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, Ben Stiller, Jim Carrey, Will Ferrell and the girls – oh, the girls! Maya Rudolph, Amy Poehler, Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Mann and Megan Fox. (check out the larger images in the gallery, here!)

Vanity Fair Comedy Issue January 2013

Yes, raise your eyebrows all you want, Megan is part of the amazing cast of ‘This is 40’. Her second high profile comedy, after Friends with Kids. She wasn’t bad for Friends with Kids, I’m certain she won’t be bad for This is 40 either! Actually – she made a pretty smart move, going for the comedy wave. She’s far better here than among Michael Bay’s explosions! But back to Vanity Fair: isn’t this one of the most exciting magazine issues this year?

Judd Apatow guest edits Vanity Fair January 2013 Vanity Fair January 2013 comedy issue Vanity Fair January 2013 cover


#1 Ellington on 12.05.12 at 1:57 pm

I saw the preview ads for this and some of the commentators there raised an interesting question that I also noticed; why are all the female comedy folk dressed in se*y clothes and are doing seductive poses? All of them except Melissa McCarthy who is in full regala and kind of in the back of her group photo. All of the men are in funny outfits, full clothed and are doing humourous poses. Sadly some things never seem to change.

#2 kpriss on 12.05.12 at 11:58 pm

true. very true. But then again, comedy is all about the cliche and the derision so we can also think about another perspective: women are always supposed to be like that. Whether we want it or not, comedy won’t revolutionize things around that aesthetic. Tina Fey should’ve been here. With one of her ‘bossy’ suits ;)

I know it may seem strange, but I think Judd Apatow’s comedy clan involves pretty women, se*y women. While – say – Adam Sandler doesn’t rely on the physical so much and neither does Ben Stiller’s comedy club. I don’t mind the cliche, as long as it’s for a good cause. And a good laugh sounds like a good cause to me, pretty much always :). But I won’t deny I kinda lost hope for real change :(

#3 Ellington on 12.06.12 at 9:59 am

About the cliche, you mentioned, it was created and pushed by men not women. All of the women on the cover of this VF except again Melissa McCartny are all some kind of MadMen era stereotypes. Melissa sadly is fully clothed and in the back because she is a large lass. :(
I to be honest am tired of what they are selling, because in the age of “Liz Lemon” and ‘Leslie Knope”, these tropes are just boring and janky.

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