Ryan James Yezak’s 2012 Retrospective In 4 Minutes

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There goes another year, huh? I know we’re doing fashion and style talk here, but this year I became addicted to newscasts. Something clicked in me, like never before, and I realized I had to stay connected. Not just with the latest fashion news, but with the latest news in general.

One thing, though – I don’t watch the news on TV – I listen to the news on the radio (images tend to haunt me more than words, so I willingly limit my news access to audio only). And so I laugh, I cry, I feel inspired and motivated by what’s going on every day in the world. I can’t ignore it anymore, I’m a child of the world! Pretty long introduction, huh? But it was important for me to say that in order to make you understand why I saw this video retrospective as important for us, here at StyleFrizz.

4 minutes of concentrated news, main highlights that happened in the past year! An entire year in 4 minutes. Impressive, huh? Ryan James Yezak, a filmmaker based in Los Angeles put together this inspiring visual feast I really enjoyed watching. Did you? I wish I could be as gifted and produce a fashion retrospective of 2012! (you can read more about the content of this video on the official website, here)

2012 retrospective in 4 minutes

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#1 Appollonia on 12.31.12 at 10:33 am

Thanks for this……join our positive fight club. The best dressed fighters around! We can be aware, we have to be aware but can be fabulous at the same time. :)

All my love and best wishes to you Kpriss and your Family. And to everyone else who’s willingly to fight along with us for better world.

Support one another.
Have a great and loving 2013!

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